Remote Learning

In response to the school closure, 21st Century Public Academy is making instruction available online in an effort to continue providing students with educational opportunities. Each teacher will be running their course virtually, which you can access from the links below. All teachers will be providing constant instruction via these online platforms for the duration of the closure.  Online assignments will be required and grades will be posted in every course each week as usual.  Grades will continue to be available to view on the PlusPortals gradebook, as they were before. Feel free to email individual teachers if you have any questions about individual classes.  If you do not have regular internet access at home in order to complete online assignments, please reach out to the school as soon as possible and we will make arrangements for alternate assignments.

To access the Google Classroom from any internet-connected device, click the chalkboard link below the teacher’s name, or go to Your student will need to log in to their school Google account. If you need to switch the currently logged in Google account, just click the small circle in the top right of your browser and choose the option to switch accounts.

Once your student is logged in, they will see all classrooms in which they are currently enrolled. If any classroom is missing, direct them to click “add classroom” (the plus sign in the top right of their screen) and type in the corresponding class code listed below the teacher’s name on this page.

21stCPA Flipgrid: Use your school Google account to log in! In addition to the schoolwide Flipgrid, you can also access grade-level specific grids at the below links:

5th Grade:
6th Grade:
7th Grade:
8th Grade:

8th Grade

Math – Mr. Wilcox

Period 1: 52fuefc
Period 2: 5j2cril
Period 4: 2ix4rhc
Period 5: ja736my

ELA – Mrs. MacDonald

Period 1: ubxrsox
Period 2: 4ld6skp
Period 4: pjtkkpm
Period 5: mzm2rsh

Science – Mrs. Pickel

Social Studies – Ms. Herren

7th Grade

Math – Mrs. Jones

Period 2: 2si6h7w
Period 3: 22ahivf
Period 5: ksexu4d
Period 6: 235v7nf

ELA – Mr. Jones

Period 2: yyzwj4z
Period 3: te45dp4
Period 5: 4u32nyt
Period 6: wrsktcv

Science – Ms. Logan

Life Science: pj7z4zh

Social Studies – Ms. Jones

NM History: 5jqfndq

6th Grade

Math – Mr. Vaughn

Period 1: gh5urct
Period 3: plwg2cl
Period 4: fccpo5u
Period 6: xdgq4jc

ELA – Ms. Trujillo

Period 1: ht2vr6n
Period 3: phgd2dl
Period 4: 5qacxin
Period 6: dzgqhje

Science – Mrs. Candelaria

Period 1: cpycjul
Period 3: jhcuwpr
Period 4: z3uromv
Period 6: ymumni4

Social Studies – Mr. Feit

Homeroom:  yppezmx
Period 1:  pav5d54
Period 3:  ioazssq
Period 4:  bw7qq76
Period 6:  nelkbgy

5th Grade

Math & Science – Mr. Campbell

Homeroom: 7ig4bar
Math A: cangegw
Math C: bxscafz
Science D: tmfogip
Science E: kbz4ybc

ELA & Social Studies – Mrs. Drawbond

Class Code: xiykijf

PE – Coach Estrada

Class Code: 5j6t6vh

Associated Arts

Music – Mr. Johnson

6th Grade: suykfgs
7th Grade: ocrnzdo
8th Grade: jibgywz

PE – Coach Dellios

Period 1: o5q26kl
Period 2: fe2z6sg
Period 3: 3mokmev
Period 5: 2enzvru
Period 6: pnbz5al

PE – Coach DA

Period 2: fiqtigs
Period 3: tm6qxs5
Period 4: yxrpa3i
Period 5: 5j4iocb
Period 6: sde3zob

Art – Mr. Easley

6th Grade: 2c3q5f4
7th Grade: 7tit76e
8th Grade: nrong2z

Media Arts – Mr. Peckens & Mrs. Stone

Period 1: y5djrpj
Period 2: jo742nr
Period 3: qlodqzx
Period 4: 77jr7uf
Period 5: 7zlyytr

Study Labs

6th Grade – Mr. Garcia

Period 2: 3nubr4v
Period 5: i7wm5up

7th Grade: Ms. Garcia

Period 1: tswikl5
Period 4: hmzzb7y

8th Grade: Mr. Garcia

Period 3: hs6eyhw
Period 6: zaiqrxs