Fall Season 1 Sports Registration Open

Hello Dragon Families,

The sports registration for Fall Season 1 at 21st CPA is currently open.
Families of interested students can click on the links below to access the Sports Registration Forms and 21st CPA Athletic Webpage. These resources will contain more information about the Athletic Program.
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join our sports teams this Fall!

Mandatory Parent Meeting for Season 1: Thursday, August 1, 2024 at 5:00p

List of 2024 Fall Season 1 Sport:

  • Elementary Cross Country (Co-Ed): 1-4th Grade
  • Elementary Dragon Squad (Co-Ed): 1-4th Grade
  • Elementary Volleyball (Co-Ed): 3/4th Grade
  • Elementary Fall Golf (Co-Ed): 3/4th Grade
  • Mid School Cross Country (Co-Ed): 5-8th Grade
  • Mid School Fall Golf (Co-Ed): 5-8th Grade
  • Mid School Girls Volleyball: 5-8th Grade
  • Mid School Tennis (Co-Ed): 5-8th Grade
  • Mid School Flag Football (Co-Ed): 5-8th Grade
  • Mid School Dragon Squad (Co-Ed): 5-8th Grade

Fall Season Details:

Note: Weather, facility avaiablility, or school hours can change practice or meeting times and dates.

Sports Requirements:

  • 21st CPA Sports Registration (Online)
  • 21st Century Student Academic/Social Standards (Online)
  • 2024-2025 Physical Form (Must be signed by a physician)
  • Participation Fee (Cash, Check, or Money Order)
  • Please make sure that all athlete’s records and sports registration are up to date to avoid any delays in sports participation.

Thank you for your support in the 21st CPA Athletic Program!