5/27/21 SAC Minutes

Dear SAC Committee Members:
Thank you all for your support of our programs and students and most importantly your time to advise us through SAC. Below, please find the minutes from our SAC Meeting 5/27/21.
Mr. Peckens, please post. Thank you.

SAC Meeting Draft Minutes 5/27/21
Victoria Tafoya
Doreen DiNaro
Rebecca Starrett
Bianca Belmonte-Sapien

-Possibility to Meet quarterly next year
-Recruiting students. Discussion about formats, perhaps having students make contact to former teachers, write an editorial about the benefits of their school, Post to other mother’s groups on Facebook, other social media.
-Discussion about keeping Google classroom assignments for parents to view
-Virtual OSIs were a plus and perhaps keep some of these even if COVID restrictions ease.
-Athletics and clubs for next year?

4/22/21 SAC Minutes

Hello SAC Members!
Thank you for volunteering your time to provide advice about our expansion into Elementary school!

SAC Meeting Minutes 4/22/21

Literacy Planning SY 21-22- SAC Members provided ideas for continued literacy skill development for Elementary through Middle School at 21st CPA.
Character Parade
Mentorship with book buddies, OSI as a culminating event. “Readers are Leaders”, book exchange with student written review included, Library/Media Center in 5 year Facility Master Plan, Wrinkle Writing/Theater, Battle of the Books.

Next Meeting:
May 27th 5pm

Topic: School Advisory Committee (4th Thursday of Each Month)
Time: 5pm

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Meeting ID: 757 6950 7179
Passcode: 5mJsxQ

1/28/21 SAC Minutes

SAC Members- Thank you for a wonderful meeting last night. Below are the draft minutes. Please let me know if I have missed anything.

Ms. Tarango, our chair, Victoria Tafoya asked if you could please place SAC on the next GC Agenda to report their work?

Thank you!


January 28, 2021

Draft Minutes:


Victoria Tafoya, GC

Bianca Belmonte-Sapien, Principal

Jeremy Peckens, Staff

Mickel Wagner- Parent

Doreen DiNaro-Parent

Opening Activity: What’s your color? Describe how you are feeling to get to know each other better.

Discussion and advisement about reentry and remote learning.

Reviewed list of brainstormed of ideas for OSIs (1st-4th grades). Copy shared with Admin for elementary team.

Reviewed Cognia Data- How students are feeling about online learning (Fall 2020).

SAC agreed to present to GC in February

Next meeting: February 18th 5:30 PM

Agenda: Report SAC progress to GC

1/28/21 SAC Agenda

On behalf of the 21st Century Governance Council, here is the link to the next School Advisory Committee Meeting:
Agenda: OSI Brainstorm, Virtual Learning, Review Schoolwide Cognia Survey Response
Next meeting: Jan 28, 5-6.

Topic: School Advisory Committee (4th Thursday of Each Month)
Time: This is a recurring meeting (5-6pm)

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Meeting ID: 757 6950 7179
Passcode: 5mJsxQ