11/15/21 SAC Minutes

  • In Attendance
    • Lora Sedore
    • Jeremy Peckens
    • Mikel Wagner
    • Dorene DiNaro
    • Rebecca Starrett
  • Introductions of Members
  • 3rd Monday of the month for quarterly meetings going forward.
  • Open Forum
    • Calendar start date being different from APS is worrisome for parents, with no available camps/childcare.
      • Suggestions: Before/After Care starting earlier to align with APS, and including a full day of childcare.
    • Are lockers open for consideration in the future?  
      • Especially with the chromebooks student backpacks are very heavy for our youngest students.
      • Currently there is no plan to install lockers, due to space and security concerns.  
    • Recommendation that the remote option continue into future years.
      • Discussed the difficulty of teaching both remote and in-person students simultaneously.  
      • Even if remote learning does not continue in its current form, it is suggested that Google Classroom continue to be adopted by all teachers for assignments/lessons that students and parents can access in the event of an absence.
  • New Student Recruitment Efforts
    • Target Demographics
      • Does the school plan on opening a Kindergarten class?  This may affect recruitment tactics.
      • Parents of 5th graders.
      • “Peach Jar”: flyers for APS schools and afterschool programs.
      • School of Choice Fair
      • Parade advertising? Twinkle Light, Pride.  Banners/Floats.
      • Tapping into local businesses for parent-employees.
      • Dentists/Pediatrics/Orthodontists offices
    • Lora Sedore will put together an action plan for recommendation to admin/GC.

11/15/21 SAC Agenda

School Advisory Council Meeting – 5:00PM, 15 November, 2021

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  • Welcome
  • Introduction of Ms. Lora Sedore as Governing Council representative.
  • Open Forum for Advisory Topics

5/27/21 SAC Minutes

Dear SAC Committee Members:
Thank you all for your support of our programs and students and most importantly your time to advise us through SAC. Below, please find the minutes from our SAC Meeting 5/27/21.
Mr. Peckens, please post. Thank you.

SAC Meeting Draft Minutes 5/27/21
Victoria Tafoya
Doreen DiNaro
Rebecca Starrett
Bianca Belmonte-Sapien

-Possibility to Meet quarterly next year
-Recruiting students. Discussion about formats, perhaps having students make contact to former teachers, write an editorial about the benefits of their school, Post to other mother’s groups on Facebook, other social media.
-Discussion about keeping Google classroom assignments for parents to view
-Virtual OSIs were a plus and perhaps keep some of these even if COVID restrictions ease.
-Athletics and clubs for next year?

4/22/21 SAC Minutes

Hello SAC Members!
Thank you for volunteering your time to provide advice about our expansion into Elementary school!

SAC Meeting Minutes 4/22/21

Literacy Planning SY 21-22- SAC Members provided ideas for continued literacy skill development for Elementary through Middle School at 21st CPA.
Character Parade
Mentorship with book buddies, OSI as a culminating event. “Readers are Leaders”, book exchange with student written review included, Library/Media Center in 5 year Facility Master Plan, Wrinkle Writing/Theater, Battle of the Books.

Next Meeting:
May 27th 5pm

Topic: School Advisory Committee (4th Thursday of Each Month)
Time: 5pm

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