Parent Drop Off and Pick Up Directions

Drop Off: Students may only exit vehicles curbside. Parents should travel North on Carlisle from I-40, turning right heading East on Cutler, or you can approach Morningside turning left on Cutler next to the school. Only make right turns onto school property. Proceed for curbside drop-off as directed by staff. Please pull as far forward as you can before stopping to drop off your student(s). There is no left turn out of the school onto Cutler. This is to maintain traffic flow and the safety of our students and teachers on duty. Please do not drop off students prior to 8:00AM, as there are no teachers to supervise them until that time. Any student dropped off prior to 8:00AM will be signed into the Before Care program, which includes a $5/use charge.

Pick Up: The pickup location is the same as drop off. Students may only load into vehicles curbside. Any student still on campus 20 minutes after release will be escorted inside the building and signed into the After Care program, unless they are participating in a school club or sport on that day.