1/11/23 EC Agenda

1/11/22 21stCPA Equity Council Agenda
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Roll Call
Welcome and Introduction of Members
Readiness Assessment Description and Review of 2020 Document
Open Forum
Adjourn Meeting

3/10/22 EC Minutes


  • Jennifer Cruz
  • Olivia Espinosa
  • Kyra Allen
  • Jeremy Peckens

Topics of Discussion

  • Student Handbook Updates in regards to racialized aggression, discipline matrix.
  • The State’s Racism in Schools Reporting Hotline:
  • Ripple Effects
    • New Social-Emotional tool purchased by the school for use in positive reinforcement in response to student needs.  Possibly used as a means of educating students who engage in race-based misbehavior.
  • Racial occurrences seem to be being reported at a higher rate.  Teachers request more information regarding consequences for students reported to administration.
  • Possible Parent Anti-Racism Resources
    • Anti Racism Training Institute
  • Regular meeting times moving forward.
    • First Thursday of the Month.
    • Next EC Meeting will be April 7th.

3/10/22 Equity Council Agenda

Equity Council Meeting – 6:00PM, 10 March, 2022

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  1. Introduction of new EC members, Ms. Kyra Allen (Students with Disabilities) and Ms. Olivia Espinosa (English Learners).
  2. Open Forum
  3. Establish regular date for future meetings.
  4. Meeting the Moment: Staff Training as mandated by HB43
  5. Review of changes to Student Handbook and Discipline Matrix, as voted by Governance Council.
  6. Ripple Effects: Social Emotional program adopted by school.
  7. Recruitment of new EC members
    1. Economically Disadvantaged
    2. Native American
    3. English Learners
    4. Students with Disabilities

1/10/22 EC Minutes

21st CPA Equity Council Minutes


In Attendance:

  • Jeremy Peckens
  • Jennifer Cruz
  • Jennifer Vargas
  1. Introduction of New Members
  2. Discussion of HB43: Black Education Act
    1. Modification of Student Handbook to include “race-based harassment” under the section covering harassment.
    2. Modification of Discipline Matrix to include a specific row describing disciplinary action for “race-based aggression”.
  3. Discussion of Recruitment
    1. New members of the EC are needed.  Reaching out to parents of the following groups is a priority:
      1. Economically Disadvantaged
      2. Native American
      3. English Learners
      4. Students with Disabilities