What exactly is a charter school? 
Charter schools are free, publicly funded schools. They are governed by the State Department of Education and the local school board. In our case, the APS School Board are held to the same performance and testing standards as other public schools. Charter schools, however, vary in instructional and administrative methods, according to the terms defined in their charters. The same funding formula applies to charters as to all public schools.

What is 21st Century’s relationship with APS? 
The APS Board governs charter schools within its district for the Department of Education of the State of New Mexico. As of July, 2020, 21st Century currently operates as its own LEA, and is chartered by the Public Education Commission of the State of New Mexico and is accountable to the Department of Education for compliance with its charter. Many 21st Century teachers gained experience teaching in APS.

If 21st Century gets public money, what does it need money for? 
State funding covers teachers’ salaries, books, computers, and furnishings to some extent. Sports and associated arts (technology, music, art) programs, OSIs, academic competitions (spelling bee, geography bee, science fair), 8th grade transition ceremony, for example, are unfunded. Facilities (buildings) are also not covered by the funding formula, although Capital Outlay bills have increased State funds that can be used to pay for buildings. Federal stimulus funds are only available during the first five years of a charter school.

Are there any before-school or after-school programs? 
Click here for details on our after school program!

How can I schedule a meeting with my child’s teacher(s)? 
Email your student’s teacher or call to schedule a meeting.

What happens if my child becomes ill at school? 
Our school has a health assistant who is here Monday through Friday, and a nurse three days of the week. We do not administer over-the-counter medication.

What is the work make-up policy for absences? 
Most homework is posted on PlusPortals. If you are unable to access PlusPortals, students are given one day to make up work for every day they are absent.

What are school hours? 
On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, school hours are from 8:15-3:40. On Wednesdays, school hours are from 8:15-3:00.

Does 21st CPA participate in the statewide standardized test?
Our Governance Council has adopted a policy of compliance with test administration.