• 5th Grade

    5th Grade

5th Grade

Welcome to the wonderful world of fifth grade! This is an exciting time in the lives of our students as they prepare to enter middle school.

In Language Arts, students will read wonderful books that will take them places they have never visited. Students will hone their writing skills to be able to persuade, entertain, inform, and explain their thinking. Students will learn and grow as we explore the world around them!

In Social Studies, students will study the United States, so they understand its geography, history, and government. Economics, local history, and other topics will also be studied.  We will further our knowledge by experiencing many local landmarks, museums, and attractions, so we can understand the world around us.

In Math, students will explore a variety of methods to solve problems, give explanations as to justify why, work cooperatively to share ideas and discuss results.  Students will put real life math situations to the test through balancing a bank statement, selecting items to buy for a set amount, visiting a credit union, calculating tax and tip for eating at a restaurant, constructing a miniature hot air balloon, sketching and identifying geometric objects in our community, and many more activities.

In Science, students will learn and practice the scientific method to answer questions about how our world works.  As scientists, they will discover science in the community by visiting Osuna Nursery, planting a garden, sketching and observing wildlife at the Nature Center, seeing first hand the importance of conservation by visiting Wildlife West, and experiencing STEM activities through the participation in the La Luz Academy at Kirtland Airforce Base.

As important as the learning is that occurs in 5th grade, there are many other ways we will work to prepare students for middle school. They will be encouraged to be more responsible and independent.  We will attempt to help them learn study habits (and the best way they learn), time management and organization.  All of these skills will be important for their success in 6th grade and beyond, and we welcome your help as they develop these abilities.

We look forward to a productive and exciting year in fifth grade as we watch students grow and thrive socially, physically, and academically.

Goals for 5th Grade…

·         To give your child the academic tools they need to progress to Middle School.

·         To provide a safe, supportive learning environment.

·         To have fun while we learn.

·         To make new friends and discover new interests.

Jennifer Drawbond

Jennifer Drawbond

Language Arts and Social Studies


Math and Science