• About 21st Century

21st Century is a charter elementary and middle school. We have been a school since 2000. We serve a diverse population of nearly 70 students per grade. All staff bring years of teaching experience into our classrooms, and many have worked together in other settings. We emphasize the core curriculum of Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts, as well as learning experiences in the community, city, and state. Two Associated Arts courses are offered to each student every semester, including music and media programs.


21st Century Public Academy was declared an official charter in 1999 by the Board of the Albuquerque Public Schools and State Department of Education. 40 6th grade students were permitted to enter the doors for the first time in September, 2000, making it officially the first charter middle school in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The school’s first 8th grade graduation was held in May, 2003.

The school was started by teachers who had worked together under a charter at Taylor Middle School: Art Silva, Math; Kitty Krivitzky, Science; Darlene Arias, Social Studies; Heather Sickenger, Language Arts. Donna Eldredge joined the team as a Special Ed teacher and principal.

21st Century is still going strong to this day, chartered by the Public Education Commission of the State of New Mexico in July, 2020.  In 2021, 21st Century expanded to include students from 1st-8th grades.


It is the mission of 21st Century Public Academy to continually search for positive learning experiences that enrich students and staff. Whenever possible, these lessons will take place in the arena in which they are practiced.


21st Century Public Academy will provide experiences, situations, and opportunities for students to develop talents and to understand their role in the community. The body, mind, and spirit of each person will grow through lessons learned at school. Students will acquire a sense of personal responsibility, independence, and community interdependence.