School Advisory Committee. 21st CPA will establish and maintain a School Advisory Committee (SAC). The SAC will consist of at least one, but no more than two, Council members, equal staff and parental membership, with a minimum of three (3) representatives from staff and parental membership groups. The principal will by default, be selected for membership of the SAC. Additionally, if available, at least one member of the community will be selected for committee membership.

The purpose of the SAC will be to assist the school principal with school based decision-making and to involve parents in their children’s education. The committee shall:

(1)   work with the school principal and give advice, consistent with state and school district rules and policies, on policies relating to instructional issues and curricula on the public school’s proposed and actual budgets;

(2)   develop creative ways to involve parents in the school;

(3)   where appropriate, coordinate with any existing work force development boards or vocational education advisory councils to connect students and school academic programs to business resources and opportunities; and

(4)   serve as the champion for students in building community support for schools and encouraging greater community participation in the public schools.

The SAC will provide the Council with written copies of the agenda and minutes for each meeting. Any recommendations concerning governance, financial matters, or charter amendments created by the SAC must be presented to the council which alone may take action.

                        F. Committee records. All committees shall keep written minutes of their meetings, and shall periodically present written reports to the Council containing committee recommendations.  Committees shall comply with the Open Meetings Act, when applicable. At no time shall a Governing Council Committee act or vote on behalf on the Governing Council without prior written approval to do so.

School Advisory Committee Members

  • Lora Sedore (GC Member, Chair)
  • Vicente Vargas (GC Member)
  • Helen Dundas (Parent)
  • Misha Goodman (Parent)
  • Lindsey Lujan (Parent)
  • Jennifer Aragon (Parent, PTA President)
  • Jeremy Peckens (Principal)