The mission of 21st Century Public Academy Foundation is to support the educational goals and operations of 21st Century and to provide a source of funds for any unanticipated expenses, including capital expenditures that cannot be paid for by ‘public funds’ or where public funds are either unavailable or inadequate to fulfill the purpose of 21st Century.

Who are we?
The Foundation is a nonprofit corporation currently made up of the following board and also has additional members that make up a voting board of trustees.


Vice President
Dina Jaramillo

Karen Velasquez

Evalyn Back

Board Members
April Garcia

Lexi Pickel

Richard Tarango

Mary Tarango

Annual Barnes & Noble Fundraising Chair
Lexi Pickel

Annual Golf Tournament Chair
Mary Tarango

What can you do to help?

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United Way Contributions 
Designate your United Way Contributions to 21st Century. These funds go towards the purchase of a new building!