Daily attendance is encouraged for students to have the full benefit of the instructional program. The school recognizes that there are situations that dictate a student’s absence. Excused absences include: medical/dental appointments, illness, death in the family, family emergency, religious commitment, or external testing. We ask that parents discuss an absence for any other reason with the school prior to the absence.

On the day of an absence, PARENTS are requested to call and inform the school before 10AM. Ten or more absences in any 18 week period may be reported to the Children’s Court for ‘educational neglect’ in compliance with the State Compulsory Attendance Law.

21st Century expects students to behave appropriately for their own and their fellow students’ best academic experience.

21st Century Public Academy requires students to wear a uniform. The uniform consists of tan khaki, black, or denim pants, shorts, or overalls; and a white, gray, or purple collared polo shirt with the school logo or the approved school t-shirts with the school logo. Uniform shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies must be purchased through Ad It Up:

  • Ad It Up
    2432 Menaul Blvd. NE
    Albuquerque, NM 87107

Students may wear solid shirts only underneath polo’s.

Students must wear appropriately-fitted clothing. It cannot be excessively tight or revealing. When the arms are raised and the shirt reveals any skin, it is not to be worn. Undergarments may not be visible. Pants may not be excessively baggy.

Skirts and shorts may be checked for appropriateness by placing arms at sides. If the item is shorter than the tips of the fingers, it is too short.

Sagging or bagging clothing is prohibited including excessive bell bottoms (shoes must be visible at all times).

As a matter of courtesy, hats/caps are not to be worn in the building except when there is specific safety, religious or medical reasons. Students may not wear wrist bands, spiked jewelry, chains or spiked belts. Students may not have facial piercing or visible tattoos.

If a violation is correctable at school, the student will make the necessary changes and deal with the appropriate consequences. The school will notify the parents of the violation if a student needs a change of clothing or if the problem persists.

21st Century Public Academy expects student dress and grooming to reflect high standards of personal conduct, so that each student’s attire promotes a positive, safe, and healthy atmosphere within the school.

Students must remain in uniform/dress code while on campus including athletic programs.

Out-of-School Instruction (OSI) provides experiential supplements to academics and require parent/guardian permission. Since they are a part of the curriculum, they are not optional! Students who do not attend field trips will be given alternative assignments to complete. Forms need to be signed and returned on time, often accompanied by fees to cover trip expenses. Students who display inappropriate behavior on a field trip may not be allowed to attend the next out-of-school activity.  Attendance for OSIs is required as part of the curriculum!

Homework is intended to reinforce skills introduced in class and foster communication between student, parent, and school. Nightly signing of the Agenda Book is one opportunity to begin dialogue on the subject of homework. Lunch Detention is the consequence for un-signed agendas. Agendas are checked during Homeroom. Parents can arrange to pick up missed work for students who are absent, or students can get it from teachers when the return to school. Teachers have individual policies for late work and when homework is due after an absence. Homework is not a suggestion!

Lost and Found
Students are requested to put their names on clothing, backpacks, lunchboxes, and books. Lost items will be kept for one month’s time, then donated to charity if not claimed. Turn in found items to the school office.

Staff cannot administer medication to students, even with permission. Students are not allowed to carry medications on their person. All medications must be turned into the office from the parent along with the Physician’s Permission to Administer Medication Form or Parental Permission to Administer Medication Form. All documentation must be turned into the office before any medications will be distributed.

Personal Items
Students should make sure personal items have their names on them and are secured in backpacks when not in use.

The following items are not allowed at school:
– Large or expensive toys
– Electronic items: games, media players, tablets
– Any distracting item
– Any potentially dangerous item, especially if it could be perceived or used as a ‘weapon’
– Cell phones (if brought, must be kept off and in back pack during school hours)
– Live animals or pets without special permission and arrangement

If brought to school, they will be kept in the office and parents will be called to pick them up.

Student Agendas
Agenda Books provide a vehicle of communication between home, student, and school. Student assignments and any accompanying notes are to be monitored and initialed by both parents and teacher daily.

Students arriving after 8:15 are considered tardy and will not be admitted to class without a slip from the office. All students who are tardy must have a parent call in to have the tardy excused.

Besides academic tests that are part of class work, individuals may be tested to assess progress. The State also mandates standardized testing.

Students are responsible for the textbooks they use and are to return them in good condition at the end of the year. Students may be charged for lost of damaged books.

Parents are responsible for transporting students safely to and from school. Pick-up and drop-off on Cutler can be the most dangerous part of that journey! Everyone’s courtesy and good sense are requested, as well as compliance with evolving traffic pattern changes.  A Westside bus is available with stops along Coors Boulevard from the North, beginning at the Cibola Transportation Loop moving South stopping at Flix, Milne Rd/Quaker Heights Park, and Hanover Boulevard.