9/10/18 PTA Meeting Minutes


Meeting called to order by Crystal Salas at 5:45 pm on Monday, September 10, 2018
Attendance: Juliann Salinas, Crystal Salas, Jennifer Withrow, Mary Armendariz, Antoinette
Suina, Janet Giron, Sharon Hart, Adrian Montoya, Francesca Kegler, Lovey Fritts, Mary
Nominations for Secretary- Janet Giron was nominated by Jennifer Withrow and 2 nd by Sharon
Hart and passed. Janet accepted.
Treasure Report-
PTA Budget for the year was posted on August 10, 2018 and was posted for 32 days. Sharon
wants to make a separate line item for the trash bag fundraiser on the balance sheet.
Beginning Balance: $5,624.09
Income: $746.32
Which includes interest, dues for 14 new PTA members, direct donation (1 family),
selling of swag bags and uniforms, and snack bar.
Expenses: $1,233.08
Which include storage rental, beginning of the year needs, and teacher appreciation
lunches during in-service days.
Ending Balance: $5,137.33
Motion was made by Jennifer Withrow to accept the budget with the change to add trash bags as
a separate line item and was 2 nd by Juliann Salinas. Budget passed.
Vice President Report-
The Science department has asked for the following items for the 2018-2019 school year.
1. $150 paid to Explora for Family Science Night
2. Family Science Night Friday: February 1 st 2019, 5-7pm in the cafeteria- PTA will sell
food as a fundraiser during the event and provide door prizes with tickets for drawing of
3. School Science Bowl: Friday December 7 2018 at Midtown Hampton Inn (Tentative
location)- PTA to provide cookies and drinks during the event and prizes/certificates for
winning team members (20 total-5 from each grade level).
Janet Giron will check into having Sandia National Labs sponsor Explora Family Science Night.
Vote on funding is tabled.
Motion was made to approve hospitality and prizes for Science Bowl by Jennifer Withrow and
2 nd by Juliann Salinas. Motion passed

A request was made for any other nominations for Board positions. There were no other
PTA will offer Parents Night Out. This year it will be used as a fundraiser and PTA will charge
a fee of at least $5 per child (food extra). There will be a cap on the number of children,
Children must be potty trained. Possible date before Christmas. Dates, times, and fee TBD.
Possible fundraiser once the gym is built is to have a family movie PJ night and sell concessions.
Social Committee Report-
Fall Festival will be held on Friday, October 26, 2018 from 5:30-8:30pm. The theme will be
Wizard Wonderland. Local area businesses will have trick or treating and other fun activities for
families. A planning meeting email will be sent out.
Spring Fling will be a sock hop theme.
Principal Report-
Early release September 26, 2018 at 12:15 for I-Ready training for teachers.
I-Ready is the new software that will be used to test students in ELA and Math. MAPS testing
will still be used for science and social studies.
SIS (APS) Student information system should be available for our school for free sometime this
year. This program will make it easier when children move to another APS school.
Drop-off and Pickup has greatly improved since the first day of school. Bus pickup and drop-off
has gone smoothly. Mrs. Tarango will continue to monitor the bus and the number of students to
make sure all is running smoothly with the bus transportation. If parents have any questions or
would like to be added to the group app about west side bus pick up they can contact Crystal
Salas at crystalcsalas@gmail.com. Parents who are dropping off and picking up at St. Joseph on
the Rio Grande need to be aware of the construction that is going on in order to keep all children
Staff is allowed to park in the 11 spaces at the Human Services building and parents are allowed
to park there during drop-off and pickup.
We currently have 296 students. We had a great first week!
Mrs. Tarango has contested the C grade we received. In PARCC, we out-performed the state,
APS, and the 8 state consortium in every single category except 2. We scored 57% proficient in
Science, APS average was 40%, state average was 44%. She is waiting to hear back from the

State auditors will be at the school the week of September 17th.
New Business-no new business
Our next meeting will be Monday, October 8, 2018 at 5:30pm
Meeting was adjourned at 6:38 pm. It was moved to close the meeting by Jennifer Withrow and
2 nd by Sharon Hart.
ISC gave a Safe and Secure presentation about keeping your kids safe on the internet. The
presentation was also given to all students. The presentation was recorded on video and a link is
The PTA presentation is loaded to our YouTube Channel. Here’s the link:

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