10/22/18 PTA Meeting Minutes


Meeting called to order by Juliann Salinas at 6:24 pm on Monday, October 22, 2018
Attendance: Juliann Salinas, Crystal Salas, Jennifer Withrow, Janet Giron, Sharon Hart, Lovey
Fritts, Mary Tarango, Amy Rutledge, and Tod Withrow
Minutes from the September Meeting were reviewed. An amendment was made to change the
title under the signature from Treasurer to Secretary. Sharon Hart motioned to approve and
seconded by Crystal Salas. Minutes were approved
President Report-
School Safety Update- The link to the presentation on social media safety is now online the link is
https://youtu.be/gA7u6z7zP6g . This presentation will continue to be given to the students every year.
Juliann is looking into a training through the USTA that goes over what to look for if you think a child is in
any danger. If she is allowed to share we will post it on the 21 st century website.
Principal Report-
The foundation is refinancing the building to include the new gym, gym floor and classrooms.
We had an added expense of basketball backboards. We had requested the backboards from the
Manzano remodel, but they are no longer available. They are also looking to add volleyball
standards to the floor. The foundation is still looking to raise $100,000.00 for the gym floor and
extra equipment. Enrollment is at 294. The school will be receiving extra money for the
additional students and will also be getting an adjustment for growth. There is already a waiting
list for the 2019-2020 school year. OSI backpacks were purchased for the teachers. There is the
option of one strap or two strap. These bags are used to hold medications and forms. The bags
are green so that they stand out amongst the students OSI bags. Mr. Peckens will design the logo
for the bag and once they are complete they will be handed out to the teachers.
Treasure Report-

Beginning Balance: $5,137.33
Income: $7,033.14
Which includes interest, dues, trash bag sales, corporate contributions (Kroger & bank
interest) and snack bar.
Expenses: $5,495.10
Which include storage rental, member dues to PTA, insurance, ice cream social, trash
bags and student store.
Ending Balance: $6,675.37

Mrs. Candelaria has requested $1,043.10 for an OSI for 6 th grade to the Fire and Ice caves in
Gallup, NM. This amount will cover 2 buses. 2 busses are needed because of the increase of
students in 6 th grade from 63 last year to 93 this year.
A motion was made to approve the funds for the 6 th grad OSI by Juliann Salinas and seconded by
Sharon Hart. The motion passed
A motion was made to move $500.00 from New School Needs to OSI Assistance to cover the
increased about of the buses by Juliann Salinas and was seconded by Crystal Salas. The motion
Motion was made to accept the budget with the amendments by Crystal Salas and seconded by
Juliann Salinas. The motion passed.
PTA is planning on doing the Non-fundraiser fundraiser. This fundraiser asking parents to
donate money to opt out of traditional fundraising. Jennifer Withrow will send out the letter at
the beginning of November.
Box tops are due by the 26 of October and in March.

Social Committee Report-
Fall Festival will be Friday, October 26 from 5:30pm-8:30pm
8 th grade- estimation station
7th grade- balloon animals
6 th grade- wands and photo booth
5 th grade- cake walk (will be in 5 th grade classroom)
– Student Council will be doing owl posts and the haunted house.
-DJ will be outside with quidditch (Coach DA will run quidditch).
-Amy Rutledge and her husband are working on the entrance wall and quidditch game.
-Jeremy Giron will run the Van de Graph machine in the art room.
-Nucenda will host the parent lounge in the teacher’s lounge.
– We have 2 possibly 3 venders that will set up to sell in the cafeteria along with the PTA, Trash
bags, foundation (Albuquerque Journal), Coach DA drawing for athletics tables.
-8 th grade art class will make the dragon eggs, and mandrakes. Dragon eggs will be used for a
scavenger hunt with questions, and students can turn in completed forms for extra tickets.
– We will hang black table cloths to make a tunnel in the office so people will not go into the
– We will decorate the cafeteria like the great hall in Harry Potter.
– Sharon Hart, Mr. Hart, and Janet Giron will be collecting money at the front.
– We will begin setting up after lunch around 1:30.
– Jennifer will purchase chopsticks for the wands.
– Mrs. Tarango will ask Mr. Peckens to make up a flyer.

-We are hoping for more parent volunteers to work. Jennifer is going to recruit high school
students to help and we will feed them for their time.
-We will be ordering pizza from Dions and Jennifer will look into burritos. Other food will be
caramel apples, chocolate frogs, nachos, cotton candy, and snow cone machine.
-$5 for entrance which will include all games. Tickets will be sold at .50 a ticket, and will be
used for food, haunted house, owl post and estimation station.
-Students will be allowed to wear their costumes to school on Friday, but are not allowed to wear
masks except paint. No permanent color in their hair or violent accessories.
Science Night- Janet looked into Sandia National Labs sponsoring Explora Science night at the
school, but they only sponsor elementary schools.
Motion was made to pay $150 for Explora Science Night by Crystal Salas and seconded by
Sharon Hart. The motion passed.
Drop and Shop- Friday, December 14 from 5:30-8:30.
New Business
We had a parent contact PTA about the items sold in store not meeting the APS guidelines. The
guideline time starts at midnight and end 30 minutes after the afternoon bell. Jennifer Withrow
is reviewing all the items sold at breakfast and making sure we were within the guidelines.
We will be selling 21 st Century baseball caps for $25.00 (Our cost will be $20.00). Crystal Salas
will put together an order form and we will sell them at the membership table. Hats will be able
to be worn on OSIs.
Our next meeting will be Monday, November 12, 2018 at 6:00pm
Meeting was adjourned at 7:39 pm. It was moved to close the meeting by Janet Giron and 2 nd by
Sharon Hart.

Secretary Signature

Approved _____________________