11/12/18 GC Minutes

Governance Council Meeting Minutes
November 12, 2018
Members Present: Art Silva, Vice President
Kathy Webb, Secretary
Phillip Sapien, Member
Evelyn Dow, Member
Elizabeth Piazza, Member
Victoria Tafoya, Member
Virginia Trujillo, President

Member Absent:
Guests: Mary Tarango, Principal
Tina Fritts, COO
Michael Vigil, Business Manager
21 st Century Student Council Members
Bianca Belmonte-Sapien, guest
Governance Meeting Called to Order by Virginia Trujillo at 5:36 PM
Roll Call

 Quorum met.
Approval of Agenda

 Motion to approve agenda first—Phillip Sapien
2 nd —Victoria Tafoya
Motion Approved

Approval of Previous Governance Council (GC) Meeting Minutes

 Motion to Approve Minutes from October 15 th as Amended—Phillip Sapien
2 nd —Elizabeth Piazza
Motion Approved

Open Forum-
Student Council Officers

 Review of Budget Summary as of October 31, 2018 presented by Michael Vigil
 Review of Expenditure Summary as of October 31, 2018 presented by Michael
 Review of Outstanding POs as of October 31, 2018 presented by Michael Vigil
 BANK RECONCILIATIONS for October 2018 for Business Checking and Activity Account
presented by Tina Fritts.

 Approval of CASH DISBURSEMENTS October 2018
Motion to Approve—Kathy Webb
2 nd —Elizabeth Piazza
Motion Approved

*Add closed session policy

Motion to Approve—Philip Sapien
2 nd —Elizabeth Piazza
Motion Approved

Back into Session
Motion to Approve—Philip Sapien
2 nd —Art Silva

Postponed approval of Resolution 11-12-18
Review of Cutler Foundation Activities for Bond Sales
Mary Tarango presented the 21 st Century Academy 2017 – Appendix A of Cutler
Mary Tarango presented the Due Diligence Review
Principal Report
Mary Tarango presented updates on staffing, with currently one vacant teacher
position, two teachers classified as long-term substitutes, and two teachers in receipt of
Nationally Board Certification.
Mary Tarango reported that future hires may include front office administrative
Mary Tarango reported on the process the 21 st Century Public Academy Student Council
went through in their proposal for Jeans. It was recommended by Governing Council
members to have the student council consider the financial impacts of their proposal
and consider other ways to recover the loss of funding that goes to fund 8 th grade
celebration and student council.

Next Meeting: December 17 th
Motion to Adjorn
Motion to Approve—Evelyn Dow
2 nd —Elizabeth Piazza
Motion Approved