2/8/21 PTA Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Janet Giron, President, at 7:00 pm on Monday, February 8, 2021.
The minutes from the January 11, 2021 General PTA Meeting were approved as read.
Bianca Belmonte-Sapien, Janet Giron, Angela Lerner, Mikel Wagner, Alfreda Begay, Ms.
Herren, Tiffany Johnson
Ms. Herren’s Presentation:
 Student Council is starting to plan for the 8 th grade graduation ceremony. Usually the
Student Council pays for a t-shirt and a bundt cake for every 8 th grader, and a t-shirt for any
of the teaching staff who would like one. Every 8 th grader also gets a certificate printed by
the school.
 There have been few opportunities for the student council to fundraise this year, so if we do
set up a restaurant night (maybe Chipotle, Schlotski’s or Wataburger) the proceeds can go to
the Student Council to buy the t-shirts and cakes. The restaurant night will probably be in
 Last year the ceremony was drive-by. This might need to be the case this year as well. As of
today, gatherings are limited to no more than 5 people.
 If we are able to do the ceremony in the gym, it was suggested that the PTA purchase
decorations for the event.

Principal’s Report by Ms. Bianca-Sapien:
 The lottery drawing for next fall was on February 2 nd via Zoom. It was our most attended
lotery drawing ever.
 Ms. B is requesting volunteers (families or cummunity members) to be interveiwed by the
PED during their site visit on March 3 rd . The site visit will be from 9-12am. They will also
observe classes and visit the wellness team.
 On February 12 th the Public Education Commission of the Public Education Department will
hear our request for amendements to increase our enrollment cap and our grad levels served.
 On February 9 th the Fire Marshall will do his walkthrough inspection for Covid-safe
 The HEPA filters for the classrooms were delivered today.
 As part of Covid safety, 10 staff members each week will be tested for Covid.
 The faculty has contributed to a plan for re-opening that will be published on the school’s
website on February 12 th .
 The school’s next Governance Council meeting will be at 5:30 on Thursday, February 18 th
via Zoom. The re-opening plan will be discussed during this meeting. 60% of parents
surveyed would like the students to return in person and 40% would like to remain remote.
Any parent who choses for her/his child to remain remote will have the option to return in
person later.

President’s Report by Janet Giron:
 For 8 th grade parents looking for a high schoool, Amy Biehl had its first lottery drawing
yesterday, but it is still open for applications. It is a year-round school which offers dual
credits for juniors and seniors.
 If you are applying for an APS transfer, the transfer office holds drawings at the end of each
month. Please contact Janet with questions.
 Yearbooks can still be purchased. It will not be possible to do yearbook pictures outside so
the picture taking will be indoors. Students will have an appointment time and will remove
masks just long enough to take the picture. This will probably occur sometime before spring

Vice-Presiden’ts Report by Alfreda Begay:
 She will submit a fundraiser request for Chipotle and Schlotski’s.
 She will also work on an indoor model for the 8 th grade gruaduation ceremony.
Treasurer’s Report by Angela Lerner:
 There was one deposit equaling $369.23 from Smith’s and Live United.
 The current bank balance is $11,336.09.
 We will be purchasing Quickbooks Online
 Our 990-N has been submitted to the NM PTA.
 Ms. McGrane hosts a weekly Zoom for each grade level.
 Nothing to Report
New Business:
 There was no new business.
The next PTA General Meeting will be Monday, March 8th at 7:00 pm via Zoom.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm.