11/18/21 GC Minutes

Members Present: Art Silva, President

Virginia Trujillo, Vice-President
Victoria Tafoya, Interim Secretary
Gary Boyd, Member
Lora Sedore, Member
Evelyn Dow, Member

Member Absent:

Guests: Mary Tarango, CEO
Amber Peña, The Vigil Group
Jeremy Peckens, CPO and Principal
Missy Brown, NMPED
Jim Richardson, Guest- Facilities Manager
Vicente Vargas, GC candidate
Sistine Jaramillo, GC candidate

Governance Meeting Called to Order by Art Silva, Vice-President at 5:34 PM
Roll Call

 Quorum met via Roll Call

Approval of Agenda

Motion to Approve Agenda —Virginia Trujillo
2 nd — Gary Boyd
Motion Approved via Roll Call Vote
Approval of Governance Council Minutes

Motion to Approve Amended Minutes, September 19th meeting—Virginia Trujillo
2 nd —Lora Sedore
Motion Approved Via Roll Call Vote

Open Forum Virigina Trujillo, pleased with board financials. Victoria Tafoya addressed the board to give a
thanks for the opportunity to be a board member as this is the last evening as a board member.
Victoria Tafoya presented two board members for consideration by the board council. Vicente Vargas, parent of
two students who attend 21st Century Public Academy provided an introduction to the council. This is Mr.
Vicente’s second meeting. Sistene Jaramillo provided an introduction to the committee.

Motion to nominate Vicente Vargas as Board Member —Virginia Trujillo
2 nd — Gary Boyd
Motion Approved via Roll Call Vote

Budget analyst, Amber Peña, senior member of the Vigil group shared the financial reports as of October

  1. The expenditure reports as of October 31 was presented. Title Funds are still blank, being drawn
    down monthly, but reimbursements are pending. Members of the Finance Committee met prior to the
    Governance Council meeting and reviewed all financial documents. Still waiting on ESSR II and Title I
     Budget Report
    Amber Peña presented Account Summary Reports for October 2021: the Expenditure and
    Revenue Reports, Issued Purchase Order Report, Bank Register Report and Outstanding Checks
     Cash Disbursements and DISCUSSION AND POSSIBLE ACTION OF Bank Reconciliation for
    October 2021 *
    Motion to approve Cash Disbursements and Bank Reconciliation for October 2021
    —Gary Boyd
    2 nd Evelyn Dow
    Motion Approved by Roll Call Vote
    Motion to approve BARS: —Victoria Tafoya

2 nd Gary Boyd
Motion Approved by Roll Call Vote

Mary Tarango presented an updated organizational chart. Discussion about changes, presented positions.
Motion to approve Organizational chart with stated changes, removing a Principal
position and building it in a Chief Financial Officer.
—Victoria Tafoya
2 nd Gary Boyd
Motion Approved by Roll Call Vote
Guest, Missy Brown with the New Mexico Public Education Department Charter Schools Division presented the
Annual Performance Report. All data is drawn from STARS reporting. Missy recommended board begin to work
on the next renewal application, reviewing demographic data to ensure that the school is representative of the
surrounding community district. Consider what type of outreach is taking place to recruit students from different

demographic areas. Page 3 provides a synopsis of the site visit on May 3, 2021. Page 5 includes performance
Framework indicators. Recommended board members ask about meeting the mission specific goals of the school.
Recommended the board asks about aspects of the performance framework on a regular basis.

No action taken
Facilities Manager, Jim Richardson provided an update of the draft Site Safety Plan completed by a contracted
with Aguilar Corporation. The document is outlined to satisfy the state requirements. On December 3 rd the school
will present this plan to NMPED. Governing Board members requested that the contractor’s name be added to
the introduction of the document.

Motion to approve the Site Safety Plan with scribe changes
—Victoria Tafoya
2 nd Gary Boyd
Motion Approved by Roll Call Vote


  1. Procurement & IT
    a. Application for the second window of the Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF) was rejected as
    it is primarily intended for new chromebook/tablet devices and hotspots and not what was
    b. The first ECF application has been committed: school is ordering 150 new chromebook devices.
  2. Training
    a. 35/40 staff members have completed the required training on Recognizing Child Sexual Abuse.
    Remaining teachers will be trained by end of Nov.
    b. School is awaiting details from the PED regarding the new required Racial Sensitivity training
    made mandatory by HB43: the Black Education Act.
  3. Testing
    a. All schools in NM have to deliver an interim assessment 3x a year. NWEA does qualify for that
    assessment so the school is already in compliance.
  4. Events
    a. Club and Class Yearbook Photos were taken on Wednesday, 11/10. This is the first time the
    school has been able to take group photos since the pandemic began. More clubs/afterschool
    activities are being offered this year than ever before.
  5. Staffing
    a. Three new office spaces were made for SPED teachers and their EA.
    b. EA Hiring Update- offered 2 new positions
  6. Equity Council
    a. Equity Council has been communicating regularly via email and have set the following agenda
    items: Reviewing the school’s discipline matrix in accordance with HB43: the Black Education
    Act, exploring potential funding for further staff training in equity and diversity.
  7. School Advisory Council
    a. Met this week. Parents had concerns to bring to Governing Council. Concern is the calendar
    start date and how it differs from APS. School should consider before care. Discussion included:
    Recruitment efforts. Chair, Lora Sedore is working on a formal recruitment plan with action items
    so Governing Council can follow-up on. 21 st Foundation and PTA can be involved in the
    recruitment process as well.
  8. SEL award letter received for $15,00. Ripple Affect was purchased
  9. 1. 5 Year Facilities Master Plan – On Target to finish by mid- December
  10. Special Capital Outlay Projects – Facilities Manager prepared a scope of work. Funds have
    posted in OBMS. Seeking quotes from General Contractors.
  11. Update on Funding Timelines
    Title 1 from 2020-21 – December of 2021
    ESSER II – January of 2022
    ESSER III – Budget Available- to be spend as quickly as possible as quickly as possible.
  12. Sports/Gym – A few issues with masking but generally compliant. Using potential ESSER II
    funds for additional supervision.
  13. Biweekly Admin Meetings – 2x week
  14. Enrollment Numbers – 40 Day Count 365 (Funding for SY 2021-22) – Budgeted for 390 –
    1 st – 12
    2 nd – 9
    3 rd – 18
    4 th – 26
    5 th – 37
    6 th – 79
    7 th – 81
    8 th – 99
    Total – 361
    80-day count is Dec. 1 st .
  15. COVID Update – Total of positive cases is 15. Symptomatic student on campus- contact tracing
    was conducted. Parents are being very careful and responsive to COVID symptoms and keeping
    students home. Illness is increasing and the need for remote learning is still necessary. Working on
    getting students on campus who are not in COVID protocol. Reporting protocol has changed. As
    of next week, reports sent to DOH will also include adults on campus that have received the
    booster. School applied and received on-site testing funding.
  16. Signed up for and received grant for on-site testing in compliance with the “Test to Stay”
    program. Implementation meeting was held on November 16th . Update will be given. We have
    requested that a provider come on site to test students who are symptomatic and for surveillance.
    Only available to staff and students. PMG, will be onsite Monday the 29 th for surveillance for staff
    and students daily 8-4pm. $80,000 funding to outfit space and purchase the materials- to be spent
    within 30 days.
  17. With approval of Organizational Chart, will post tomorrow for a 2-week period. Interviews will
    be scheduled for December 7th with a start date asap. Will allocate expense to ESSER II as
    previously discussed.
  18. A temporary shelter in place took place this week and the Governing Council was notified via
    email. Concern that the school was not notified about the situation. Ms. Tarango is following up
    with APD.
  19. Fiber has been installed. Plan is to have it functional by Nov. 30 th . This will serve the school
    well into the future.
  20. An Active Shooter Drill was completed with the support of Board Member, Lora Sedore.

Sistene Jaramillo was introduced to the committee by Victoria Tafoya, member of the Governing Board
recruitment committee. Sistene will send a letter of interest to Virginia Trujillo and will then be voted in as board
member on December 16 th .
Next Meeting: December 16 th , 2021
Motion to Adjourn
Motion to Adjourn – Eveyln Dow
2 nd – Gary Boyd
Motion Approved by Roll Call Vote
Meeting Adjourned at 7:42 PM