10/12/23 SAC Minutes

5:30pm to 6:05pm via Zoom

In Attendance:
– Lora Sedore- Chair
– Jeremy Peckens
– Helen Dundas- (new member)
Not present
– Vicente Vargas
Three members of the committee have stepped down since their children no longer attend the
– Mikel Wagner
– Dorene DiNaro
– Rebecca Starrett

We would like to thank these amazing women for their contribution to the SAC!. We also like to
welcome Helen Dundas to the SAC and look forward to working with her on the committee.

Update by Jeremy:
– The school is fully staffed
– Student population is at projected levels
– Ms. Tarango is back at school after her accident
– The Fall Festival will be October 20

We have lost three members and are currently at 4 active member. We brainstormed and came
up with a few ideas to recruit new members.

SAC will create talking points list for recruitment that can be presented to the teachers
at their weekly meetings and to the PTA.

  • Lora will attend the upcoming Fall Festival and network at the event.
  • Jeremy will bring this information to his staff meeting.
  • Lora will provide information for Ms. Tarango to present at her weekly meeting.

Lora presented a draft questionnaire for parents/staff that will be offered through Google
Forms. The questionnaire will be open ended to try to capture parent/staff opinions. Lora will
provide another draft based on discussion to the committee. Jeremey will present the approved
draft to the CG Meeting for their approval.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:05, no date for the next meeting was set.

10/12/23 SAC Agenda

October 12, 2023
5:30pm via Zoom
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  1. Roll Call
  2. Welcome
  3. School Update- Jeremy
  4. Status of SAC members- who’s in and who’s out
  5. Member recruitment ideas
  6. Questionnaire for parents/staff – discussion of a draft questionnaire including potential
    questions, platform, and frequency
  7. Open Forum
  8. Adjourn Meeting

4/13/23 SAC Minutes

April 13, 2023
Zoom 5:30 pm
ID: 88952326492
Passcode: 292754

Lora Sedore Chair
Jeremy Peckens
Mikel Wagner
Vincent Vargas
Dorene DiNaro

Not Present:
Rebecca Starrett
Lani McCarson

The SAC meeting was called to order at 5:30 pm by Lora Sedore via Zoom video Conferencing. Rebecca
Starrett notified the SAC that she would not be attending the meeting and will be moving out of state so
she will no longer be on our committee. The SAC thanks Rebecca for her service on our committee and
will miss her input and participation.

Lora asked Jeremy to update the SAC on the status of the New Mexico Legislative changes to the
required educational hours, our proposed calendar, differences in the APS calendar and proposed
options for parents.

Jeremy explained the new APS calendar changes that include a 3 week gap in August as well as longer
breaks during the year. He also presented the proposed 21 st Century calendar. The committee discussed
the changes and possible options for in-school daycare both at the beginning of the year and the breaks
within the year.

Jeremy also outlined the process 21 st Century followed to create the calendar.
The teachers and staff completed a questionnaire on their preferences and discussed the
calendar during their scheduled Wednesday morning meetings.

A questionnaire to was sent to the parents of 21 st . (71 replied)

The CG Board was updated on discussions from the SAC the staff, and the results of the
questionnaire sent to parents.

Based on the input from the previous mentioned groups. A calendar was drafted by the 21 st Century
administration for presentation and approval at the April Governance Council meeting.

The SAC discussed the problems with the new calendar, including inconvenience to parents, daycare
uncertainty, and conflicts with the APS calendar. The SAC agreed the process was followed and no
perfect solution is possible.

No date for the next The SAC was established.
6:20 Meeting adjourned

4/13/23 SAC Agenda

5:30pm via Zoom

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ID: 88952326492

Passcode: 292754

  1. 1. Roll Call
  2. Welcome
  3. School Calendar – Jeremy Peckens 
    1. Legislative changes
    2. 21st’s calendar
    3. What APS’s new longer year will mean to our school
    4. Options that are being considered           
  4. Continuing discussion of potential solutions
    1. What might the SAC be able to do to help the administration?
  5. Open Forum
  6. Adjourn Meeting