Fall Festival

Dragon Families,

We will be celebrating Fall Festival on Friday, October 29th. PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS! On this day students are allowed to dress up in costumes as long as they are within the following guidelines:

NO MASKS (facepaint and temporary hair color are allowed)
SKIRTS/SHORTS (must be longer than fingertips of arms at sides)

Students need to follow the dress code in the student hand book. If students are not going to dress in costume they need to be in uniform. Please email your students’ homeroom teacher if you have any questions. We want the children to have fun, be safe and continue learning! Thank you for your help!

Further information from the PTA will be forthcoming.

PTA is asking all families for donations as follows:

1st – 4th – $5.00 Gift cards to be distributed to contest winners.
5th & 6th – Bag of candy
7th & 8th – Canned soda

Donations can be brought to school the week of October 25th and taken to the cafeteria snack bar.

Thank you for your support. The PTA is planning a fun and safe event.

Have a great weekend.

Mary Tarango

Balloons Aloft

BALLOON FIESTA IS BACK!!! Join us Friday, October 1 at 6:45 am for Balloons Aloft in front of 21st Century. Help us start off the Fiesta season by welcoming Greatful Red and her crew. We will have breakfast burritos, donuts, and hot chocolate for sale (cash only) until sold out. Rain or shine. We hope to see you all on Friday!

9/16/21 Relocation DRILL

Dear Dragon Families;

We have scheduled our ANNUAL RELOCATION DRILL for Friday, September 17, 2021. We will be walking to PIMA Medical Institute at 4400 Cutler Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110 (the Pavilions at San Mateo). You will be able to pick up your student beginning at 3:15. It is extremely important that we do not park in the available parking lots around PIMA for any reason during this drill. Attached is a map of where we will be located, and the route drivers will be using to pick up students. If you have more than one student to pick up, please stay in line and pick up your student in the grade level area indicated on the map until ALL students are in the vehicle.

Students will not be allowed to be signed out from the office at school after 2:45.

Students will walk to PIMA and load onto the buses they usually ride. Students will enter the buses immediately. All other students will be behind the curb in the student pick up area. Please stay in line and we will be directing traffic to keep things flowing. Students will need to enter the cars curbside and we will have staff in traffic vests moving cars along. Please do not arrive before 3:00 for 1st- 5th grade and 3:15 for all other students. We do not want to hold up traffic on Cutler any longer than necessary.

Your patience and cooperation are greatly appreciated. If you have a relative or friend picking up your student(s) please give them this information.

BUS RIDERS – We will have the buses at PIMA for all students that ride the buses in the afternoon. Buses will leave at regular scheduled time.

AFTERCARE STUDENTS – We will have the aftercare students walk back to school with staff.

Picture Day: 9/15/21

Dragon Families,

Picture Day is scheduled for Wednesday, September, 15th. It is a DRESS UP day. No revealing clothing, no spaghetti straps, no torn pants or shorts, no sweatpants. A uniform is acceptable but we hope you take advantage of this opportunity to have your student dress up! Please note your student will be asked to change if their clothing fails to meet the above guidelines. If you need further clarification, please visit the online handbook. Once in front of the camera, students may choose to keep their mask on or off for the photo.

Attached is the flyer for Kenneth Brown studios. You can contact them directly with any questions.