Evacuation Drill on Monday, October 17th

Dear Parent(s) or Guardian(s):

The safety and welfare of our students and staff are our highest priority at 21st Century Public Academy. We practice safety drills throughout the year to help our students know what to do in an emergency. Throughout the year we will practice 9 fire drills and 2 shelter in places according to the guidelines regarding emergency response drills.

The school is working closely with local authorities to correctly implement these procedures. The goals of the training drills are to improve our ability to protect students, save lives, and reduce injuries. These practices allow us to evaluate our emergency operation plan and improve our response skills.

This letter serves as a notification that we will be conducting an Evacuation Drill on Monday – October 17th, 2016. Students will need to be picked up at the Vista Del Norte Park starting at 3:15 on that day only. The students will evacuate the building during the last period of the day and we will walk over to the park as part of the drill.  Please do not park cars in the Vista Del Norte parking lot during this time because it will disrupt the flow of student pickup traffic. Please enter the east entrance of the park and turn left in the round-about to head north. Students will be waiting by grade level and will have to let their teacher know before they leave.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this time and together we can make this a successful evacuation drill!