Remote Learning Update

Hello Parents and Students of our wonderful Dragon community!

21st Century teachers and support staff are prepared and excited to welcome you back to school! While the start of school is just about a month away, we would like to share a sneak peek at what is awaiting our future dragons! We know that there can be anticipation leading up to the start of a new school year, especially under the circumstances we are facing together. Please view the videos on our website to see a preview of Remote Learning at 21st Century, including Out of School Instruction, Grade Level Instruction samples and opportunities for student learning in the 2020-21 school year. If you know of any students looking for a wonderful 4th-8th grade experience, please share our website and contact information with them!

Bianca Belmonte-Sapien M.A.,NBCT, Ed.S

21st Century PA Annual Golf Tournament

Good Evening Amazing Dragon Community! Our Annual Golf Tournament is a go for Monday, August 10th. Please see the attached flyer. We are looking for hole sponsors, raffle prizes and golfers.

Tee times will be assigned and COVID safe practices will be in effect, masks are required.

I hope you are all safe and healthy! We will see you all soon!

Mary Tarango, CEO
21st Century Public Academy

7/20/20 GC Minutes

Members Present: Virginia Trujillo, President
Art Silva, Vice-President
Kathy Webb, Secretary
Evelyn Dow, Member
Victoria Tafoya, Member
Gary Boyd, Member

Member Absent: Daniel Kegler, Member Absent

All other members Present via Virtual Meeting with Zoom

Guests: Mary Tarango, CEO

Bianca Belmonte-Sapien, Principal
Zach Kirchgessner, the Vigil Group
Jeremy Peckens, CPO
Megan Ramirez, Parent
Megan Herren, Parent/Teacher
Janet Giron, Parent/PTA President
Sabrina Medina, Parent
Lexi Pickel, Teacher
Josh Popky, Parent
Mikel Wagner, Parent
Paula Butterworth, Parent

Governance Meeting Called to Order by Virginia Trujillo, President at 5:34 PM
Roll Call

 Quorum met via Roll Call

Approval of Agenda

Motion to Amend Agenda to include BARS: 001-027-1920-0047-IB, 001-027-1920-0049-T,
and 001-027-1920-0050-M in the Financial Report—Gary Boyd
2 nd — Evelyn Dow
Motion Approved via Roll Call Vote
Motion to approve Agenda as Amended—Kathy Webb
2 nd —Art Silva
Motion Approved as Amended via Roll Call Vote

Approval of Minutes

Motion to Approve Minutes, June 22, 2020 meeting—Gary Boyd
2 nd —Kathy Webb
Motion Approved Via Roll Call Vote
Motion to Approve Minutes, July 9, 2020 Emergency meeting—Gary Boyd
2 nd —Victoria Tafoya

Motion Approved via Roll Call Vote

Open Forum

Introduction of Parents attending.
Mary Tarango answered parent questions regarding Reopening


 Budget Report
Zach Kirchgessner presented Account Summary Reports for April 2020: the Expenditure and Revenue
Reports, Issued Purchase Order Report, Bank Register Report and Outstanding Checks Report, Bank
Reconciliation Reports.
 Cash Disbursements

Motion to approve Cash Disbursements for June 2020—Kathy Webb
2 nd Victoria Tafoya
Motion Approved by Roll Call Vote

 Bank Reconciliation

Motion to approve June 2020 Bank Reconciliation—Victoria Tafoya
2 nd Art Silva
Motion Approved by Roll Call Vote


Zach Zirchgessner presented the BARS:
Motion to Approve BARS—Kathy Webb
2 nd Evelyn Dow
Motion Approved by Roll Call Vote

Approval of Employee Handbook

Motion to Approve Employee Handbook for2020-2021 School Year—Gary Boyd
2 nd Kathy Webb
Motion Approved by Roll Call Vote

Approval of Revised Salary Schedule

Motion to Approve the Revised Salary Schedule for 2020-2021 School Year—Kathy Webb
2 nd —Art Silva
Motion Approved by Roll Call Vote
Reentry Plan for the 2020-2021 School Year

Mary Present the Reentry plan and Discussion followed.

PRINCIPAL’s REPORT, Bianca Belmonte-Sapien

  1. Reentry Plan/Extended Calendar submitted for review July 15 th . Karen Woerner, Deputy Director
    Options for Parents and Families—Charter School Division is our plan point of contact.
  2. Registration Numbers 2020-2021
    4 th Grade- 23
    5 th Grade –41                    

                   6 th Grade – 81                                             
                   7 th Grade – 104                                  
                   8 th Grade – 101                                        

Totals:         351 380 Target Enrollment

  1. SY 20-21 Department Textbook Selections-Selected instructional materials have online
    texts/extension components.
  2. NWEA Assessments/Resources Training- MAP Growth, Skills, Accelerator, Fluency for 4-5 th .
  3. PED Instructional Materials- MS Drawbond (5 th Grade) served to help to develop the
    Instructional Scope and Acceleration Guides for SY20-21. Teachers will train to use in
    departments/grade levels.

Next Meeting: August 17, 2020
Motion to Adjourn
Motion to Adjourn—Art Silva
2 nd Victoria Tafoya
Motion Approved by Roll Call Vote
Meeting Adjourned at 7:30 PM