11/19/18 PTA Minutes

Meeting called to order by Juliann Salinas at 6:05 pm on Monday, November 19, 2018
Attendance: Juliann Salinas, Crystal Salas, Jennifer Withrow, Janet Giron, Sharon Hart, Lovey
Fritts, Mary Tarango, Adrian Montoya, Bianca Belmonte-Sapien
Minutes from the October Meeting were reviewed. Crystal Salas motioned to approve and
seconded by Sharon Hart. Minutes were approved
COO Report-Title 1 funding
Our school received more resources this year. Lovey thanked Mrs. Cooper for entering all of the
school lunch data, Mrs. Morga, for entering all the STARS data. This information is what the
State used to assess and determine what funding we will receive. So based on our student
enrolment this year we can tell the benefit of entering the data. The increase in numbers is how
we are able to receive more funding for this year. Which means the information that we are
submitting is true and correct, and we are doing our due diligence.
Attached is the Title 1 power point presentation and agenda on how it helps to improve our
Lovey Fritts can address any questions at tfritts@21stcenturypa.com or 505-254-0280 ext 110
Treasure Report-

Beginning Balance: $6,675.37
Income: $4,726.83
Which includes interest, dues, trash bag sales, corporate contributions (Kroger & bank
interest), snack bar, hat sales, Scrip income, fall festival and vender donations.
Expenses: $3,971.44
Which include office supplies, storage rental, 3 member dues to PTA, OSI Assistance (6 th
grade fire and Ice Cave busses), Explora Science Night, fall festival, student store, and
Script card sale.
Ending Balance: $7,430.76
Sharon Hart is looking into a .32 bank charge.
-We will look into doing a new member drive in the new year to attract new members to PTA.
-We will look at ways to also get more teacher involvement as well.
-We will also look at dinner and childcare to try and bring in more families to the monthly PTA
-Jennifer Withrow will be sending out the non-fundraiser fundraiser forms. Forms will be sent
out the week of November 26. All donation is tax deductible.

-Box top brought in $180. Thank you to Karine for all her hard work. We will be looking at a
better solution to box tops for each grade. We will look at a prize for the grade that has the most
box tops. The next collection date will be in February. If box tops are not labeled they will not
be divided evenly to each of the grades. So please label your box tops with your students grade.
Box tops will also be divided by a per student average since some grades are larger than others.
An email will be sent home to remind families to clip box top during holiday cooking.
Social Committee-
Science Bowl December 7- We will contribute refreshments for parents and participants. We
also purchased gift card for the winners of each grade.
Family Science Night Friday February 1.
Drop and Shop December 14 5:30-8:30. Parent can drop off their kids for a night out. Price will
be $5.00/child if paid in advanced, $8.00/child at the door, food will be extra. Jennifer Withrow
will put a form together. We also need background checked adults to volunteer. Kids are free
for adults who volunteer and will also get free food. There is a 10:1 kid to adult ratio. We will
have board games, craft, and movies. We may also play minute to win it games. All movies
played will be G rated, and will be played in the classrooms. It was also suggested we charge a
small fee for the craft. We will send out the flyer early December, December 12 th will be the
prepay deadline.
Fall Festival- We need a better way to get parents to volunteer for fall festival ahead of time.
Many families complained about the line to get in, but if we had more volunteers things would
run more smoothly. We will also look at preselling tickets before the event next year. We
always welcome and are thankful for staff volunteers and they can help with everything but
taking money.
Juliann Salinas’ husband has volunteered to DJ our events. He had speakers and DJ equipment
Color Guard will participate in the Twinkle Light parade on December 1 st .
Barnes and Noble day, benefiting the foundation will be all day December 8. We will look at
having the color guard hand out flyers as they walk in the parade. If anybody is planning on
purchasing from Barnes and Noble, please go on this day and give the flyer to the cashier and a
percentage of your purchase will be donated to the school.
We need ideas on what to do for the teachers for the holidays, We usually spend about $10 per
teacher. We have had 17 staff members turn in their “my favorite thing” questionnaire. We
have 33 staff members. Mrs. Belmonte-Sapien says teacher would love to have their lunch duty
covered. We may use this as an incentive to get teachers to sign up for PTA.
Some ideas:
– Purchase gift card and have cookies and hot chocolate and have them do a gift card swap
– Have parents adopt a teacher and have them bring in small gifts for the teacher they
– Bring in lunch for the teachers

Jennifer Withrow has gone through the items we have at the school store and we have removed
items that do not fall within the state guidelines and have replaced them with healthier
Principal’s Report-
Building update- It looks like the completion date will be spring break.
We had a parent contact the police chief about having police present at our school during drop
off and pickup due to the amount of traffic in the area during these times. Mrs. Tarango also
contacted the area commander about requesting a crossing guard. There has also been a proposal
for an ADA compliant sidewalk that the city has approved. APD has said that they will send
someone to help during these times if they have someone available. Their presence was greatly
appreciated this morning and we are hoping to see them more often.
A Safety drill was held at the school today and it went great. The school is required in the first 4
weeks of school to have a fire drill every week. We also have to have 1 shelter in place one
relocation and 1 lockdown drill. Once a month we have to have one safety drill.
The 8 th grade teachers float around to vacant classrooms during that period. They share
classrooms with 6 th and 7 th grade. So until we have the new building, those classrooms will have
designated areas to during drill.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:02 pm. It was moved to close the meeting by Sharon Hart and 2 nd by
Crystal Salas.