Yearbook Information

Dear 21st Century Public Academy Parents,
Good News! To make your lives (a little) easier, we will now have your student’s yearbook shipped directly to your home!

Already Ordered the Yearbook: Please follow these instructions on how to update your order to include your address (otherwise it will still be sent to the school).

Not Yet Ordered the Yearbook: Please order your yearbook now and enter your address at checkout.

We understand your lives are busy and stressful at the moment. We thank you so much for helping us make sure our students receive their yearbook.

If you have any questions or trouble updating your address, contact TreeRing support at or 877-755-TREE.

Online Yearbook Signatures
Since students will be unable to physically sign each other’s yearbooks this year, Treering encourages you to have your students leave their remarks using the online signature feature! If your student would like to sign a friend’s yearbook, or request that a friend sign theirs, please follow the steps described here:

To have the signatures printed in your student’s yearbook, please follow the directions on how to add them to a custom page, described here:

Homeschool Memories
We want to tell the story of this school year, which won’t be complete without your help! Please send us photos of what your students have done and experienced during their homeschool adventures for the latter few months of the year. To send these photos, simply follow this link:, and upload images that help us tell your students’ story!