2021 Spring Sports Registration is Now Open!

2021 Spring Sports Registration is now open!
Deadline to register athletes: Friday Februray 26,2021
Practice Starts for all sports: Week of Februray 22-26th

2021 Spring sports Offered:
Middle School Spring Sports(5-8th Grade)
-Boys Basketball

-Girls Volleyball

-Track & Field

-Spring Golf
Note: Athletes may participate in 2 sports for Mid School. (e.g. Girls Volleyball & Track / Boys Basketball & Track)

Middle School Skills Training only

Elementary Spring Sports: (4th Grade)
-Track & Field
Elementary Skills Training only
-Spring Golf

-Mask will be worn at all times.

-NM State and 21st CPA regulations and guidelines will be followed at all times.

Athletic Registration page for interested students: http://21stcenturypa.com/wp/?page_id=6195

All athletes are required to submit the following for participation:
Online Registration- includes (student-athlete contract, athletic waiver, APIAL waiver, and Covid-19 waiver)
Physical Form (signed by physicians)
$55 payment ea. sport (cash, check, or money order)

Registration Links for Spring Sports:
Boys Basketball-
5/6th Grade: https://forms.gle/oQdZCab2E9ZK9fZq6
7th Grade: https://forms.gle/3PknjuWE2pbh3D1k9
8th Grade: https://forms.gle/zEYvTE5eEmcgP7LP8

Track & Field-
4th Grade: https://forms.gle/3yu1V3dXx4rE1nYd6
5/6th Grade: https://forms.gle/7n5grXx6Hs4j6sD49
7th Grade: https://forms.gle/hC8SmJ1FvM1RLQrSA

8th Grade: https://forms.gle/QYyP8T3aDE1C78mQ7

4th Grade: https://forms.gle/coebaqY38JL9mJxZ9
5/6th Grade: https://forms.gle/BpNJSZwq35fHQEvQ6
7th Grade: https://forms.gle/xhjK6Q33PabmQWvX7
8th Grade: https://forms.gle/AmkependDZhqZqjF9

Girls Volleyball-
5/6th Grade: https://forms.gle/aDyfak7ndnSEvqrQ8
7th Grade: https://forms.gle/SDhsbtg8Tdr78W8q7
8th Grade: https://forms.gle/8F2SeqR9XnDvxvhf8

Spring Golf-
4th Grade: https://forms.gle/tDTPfMhcsQtn6S6Z9
5/6th Grade: https://forms.gle/Mu3PKpqBtwr4aaYy6
7th Grade: https://forms.gle/3zSP8gzQrbHNvW4z8
8th Grade: https://forms.gle/mkBuasf87SiDnqpp6