9/13/21 PTA Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Janet Giron, President, at 7:00 pm on Monday, September 13, 2021.
The minutes from the June 14, 2021 General PTA Meeting were approved as read.
Bianca Belmonte-Sapien, Janet Giron, Angela Lerner, Mikel Wagner, Lani McCarson, Alexis
Rinaldi, Dana Descheney, Jennifer Bitsi
Principal’s Report by Ms. Belmonte-Sapien:
 Thanks to the PTA for their support starting the school year (including snack bar, teacher
lunches and breakfasts, teacher t-shirts, clothing bank, school supply packs, ice cream
social, preparing the PTA budget)
 We were selected to participate in Albuquerque Aloft. A balloon will be at school on Friday,
October 1 at 6:45am.
 A new Toolkit from PED will be published tomorrow.
 We are currently running covid surveillance testing with volunteers.
 The kids are doing an amazing job with mask wearing.
 We were selected for the social/emotional grant of $15,000. The money will fund the Ripple
Effects Curriculum.
 In September we will administer the Access test for English learners.
 We have completed MAPs testing for the middle school students and iStation for the
elementary students.
 Dyslexia screening for 1 st graders will be starting soon.
 A relocation drill will be held on 9/17. A map and letter will go out to parents in the next
few days. The relocation site is PIMA at 4400 Cutler. Pick up will start at 3:15.
 We have completed two shelter in place drills already this year.
 We have a new attendance coach who will support online students.
 Please help to promote our school. Our projected attendance was 390 and we are at 366, so
we need to recruit more students. The school is open for tours, just call Ms. B.
 9/15 is picture day. It will be a dress up day, no uniform is required.
President’s Report by Janet Giron:
 Thanks to the parents who helped with back to school activities.
 The next Governance Council Meeting will be on 9/16 at 5:30pm.
 Yearbooks are for sale. The link is on the Facebook page.
 Help is still needed after school for the snack bar.
 The paleta bar fundraiser was last week.
Vice-President’s Report by Lani McCarson:
 Stone Age and Green Jeans fundraisers are in the works.

Treasurer’s Report by Angela Lerner:
 We need to approve the budget tonight.
 Current balance is $12,931.50.
 The budget is based on Fiscal Year 2020. $31,144 in income is projected with $31,144 in
expenses and a carryover of $9,000.

 Fall Festival will be possible if we follow covid-safe protocols (masks if inside, no masks if
 150 people came to the Ice Cream Social.
New Business:
 We will be voting on the budget, adding signers on the bank account, Science Night, prizes
for Science Bowl and the purchase of school ID’s

Mikel Wagner moved to pass the budget as presented. The motion passed with a show of hands.
Lani McCarson moved to add Mikel Wagner and Lani McCarson as signers on our bank account and
remove Julianne Salinas. The motion passed with a show of hands.
Angie Lerner moved that we use $360 from the School Needs line item of the budget for the purchase
of student ID’s. The motion passed with a show of hands.
$250 dollars for Science Night and $250 for Scienc Bowl prizes were approved. Because we have a
line item of $500 for Curriculum Night in the budget, there is no need for a vote.
The next PTA General Meeting will be Monday, October 11 at 7:00 pm.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.