3/14/22 PTA Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Janet Giron, President, at 7:00 pm on Monday, March 14, 2022.
The minutes from the January 10, 2022 General PTA Meeting were approved as read.
Janet Giron, Angela Lerner, Mikel Wagner, Lani McCarson, Jeremy Peckens, Rikki Hernandez,
The Open House will be held in person on April 2 from 9 am to 3 pm. There will be 2 hour time slots
for each grad level. We will need to have a PTA presence. 9 am to 11 am is for grades 1-4, 11 am to 1
pm is for grades 6 & 5 and 1 pm to 3 pm is for grades 7 & 8. Teachers from each grade level will be
present at those times. It is open to all, not just students who have accepted lottery spots.
The 8 th grade band will perform on April 30 at Green Jeans, during Spring Fling on May 6 from 5:30 to
7 pm. There may possibly be other concerts at Highland Theater and on at a park on May 20.
PTA elections will be postponed until the next meeting as there are not enough attendees tonight to
vote. We need to write an email and prepare a flyer to send out asking for volunteers for board
We may be able to to move the snack bar indoors again.
Yearbook pictures are needed. The deadline is coming up. Pictures can be submitted to
Treasurer’s Report by Angela Lerner/Mikel Wagner:
 Three people are needed to do an audit of the PTA books over the summer.
Principal’s Report by Jeremy Peckens:
 The school received 300 new Chromebooks
 Dash cams have been installed on the buses
 The Ripple Effects program for social/emotional learning is being implemented. All staff
have received training. Now we have to decide whether to do it during homeroom or some
other time.
 The next Governance Council meeting will be April 21 at 5:30pm.
President’s Report by Janet Giron:
 Spring Fling:
We will rent jumpers again from the same company we used for Fall Festival
We will sell hot dogs, nachos, chips, drinks and cotton candy.
School staff will help out with the booths
Science Girl will have a booth. She costs $300.
We will have a DJ. He costs $100 an hour.
We still need parent volunteers to help out.
 8 th Grade Graduation will be on May 25. Last day for 8 th Graders will be May 24.

New Business:
 Lani McCarson moved to re-allocate $4,500 from Trash Bag Fundraiser Expense to Spring
Fling Expense. Rikki Hernandez seconded the motion. The motion passed with a show of
hands. This means the budget for Spring Fling is now $5,700.
 Posters for the recycling initiative can be paid for from New School Needs Expense.

The next PTA General Meeting will be Monday, April 11 at 7:00 pm. The meeting was adjourned at
8:01 pm.