2/27/23 PTA Minutes

Call to Order
Lani calls the meeting to order at 5:31 pm
Approval of the February minutes – please look over the minutes beforehand
-Lani motions to approve the agenda notes from the January meeting
-Joy seconds the motion

  • Motion passes unanimously
    Administration Report/Governance Council Meeting
  • March 3 rd Read week
  • March 7 th literacy night
  • 8 th Grade has moved to the portables
  • 6th-grade math move to upstairs after 8 th grade is fully moved in
  • Playground setup is next. Currently getting quotes
  • 8 th Grade graduation – May 24 th @ UNM Continuing Education (Evening event)
  • Foundation meeting – March 16 th at 6:30 pm
    President’s Report
  • Nothing to report
    Vice President’s
  • Nothing to report
    Treasure’s Report
  • Bank Balance is $18974.76
    Secretary’s Report
  • Nothing to report
  • Spring Fling;
    -Chair is looking to book laser tag for 5 th Grade and up and a jumping house for 4 th and under
    -Looking for more ideas for bigger activities
    -Board Nominations:

Heather Chase – President
Jennifer Aragon – Vice President
Helen Dundas – Treasurer
Lindsey Landis – Secretary
The next meeting will be on Monday, March 27 th @ 5:00 pm
The meeting adjourned at 5:45 pm