11/16/17 GC Minutes

Members Present: Chris Velasquez, Vice President
Phillip Sapien, Member by phone
Art Silva, Member
Kathy Webb, Member
Members Absent: Virginia Trujillo, President
Guests: Mary Tarango, Principal
Rita Hirschy, COO
Kathy Potter
Reginald Olson

Governance Council Called to Order by Chris Velasquez at 5:46 p.m.
Roll Call
 Quorum met.
Approval of Agenda
 Motion to change agenda to discuss #4 Revised Real Estate Contract by phone
with Phillip Sapien – Chris Velasquez
2 nd . – Kathy Webb
Motion Approved
Approval of Previous Governance Council (GC) Meeting Minutes
 Motion to approve minutes of October 17, 2017 – Kathy Webb
2 nd . – Art Silva
Motion Approved
Open Forum – Phillip Sapien was called to be involved in discussion on Revised Real
Estate Contract. Reginald stated that commission would be capped. Commission usually
due at time of occupancy but Reginald agreed to receive commission after 1st quarter to
give 21 st Century extra time. It was stated that MELD wants Bond initiative complete.
Rita will send paperwork to Mr. Fuentes to review amended agreement,
Finance Report
Approval of following BARS:
BAR001-027- 1718-0014- I – $3,210 – Title II Carryover
BAR001-027- 1718-0016- I – $7,168 – Instructional Materials
 Motion to approve BARS – Chris Velasquez
2 nd . – Art Silva
Motion Approved

Approval of Cash Disbursements for August, September, & October, 2017:
August – $415,184.82
September – $207,081.56
October – $224,438.19
 Motion to approve to Cash Disbursements – Chris Velasquez
2 nd . – Art Silva
Motion Approved
Bus Behavior – Policy was copied from APS. Bus misconduct will be added to Student
Behavior Handbook.
 Motion to approve – Kathy Webb
2 nd . – Art Silva
Motion Approved
Bus Contract – Contract with APS, which will include 4 stops.
 Motion to approve – Art Silva
2 nd – Kathy Webb
Motion Approved
Use of Video for Improving Instructional Practices – Policy will be put on website and
sent out to all parents.
 Motion to approve – Kathy Webb
2 nd – Art Silva
Motion Approved
Building Report – Mary stated that right now the priority is the portables. Mary also
stated that hopefully portables would be ready by November 21, 2017, worst-case
scenario, the end of November. Final payment of $67,000 from APS has been requested.
A final walkthrough with contractor has not been scheduled.
Principal’s Report –
40 day count – 240.
Transportation – Bus transportation has started and so far has been a pleasant experience.
Barnes & Noble – Fundraiser will be held December 8, 9, and 10, 2017. Rules have
changed so probably will not make as much as last year.
Golf Tournament – Will be held at Canyon Club on April 30, 2018. Contract has been
Portables – Discussed with Building Report.
MAPS Cycle 2 will be in December, 2017.
E2E Grant for $65,000 was submitted. Will be notified in December.

Federal Monies awarded to New Mexico for Charters in the amount of $26,000,000.
Next Meeting
Motion to adjourn – Kathy Webb
 2 nd . – Art Silva
Motion Approved
Meeting adjourned at 7:49 p.m.

6th Grade OSI to the Petroglyphs

Spelling Bee

Science Bowl Competition