10/22/13 Governance Council Meeting


October 22, 2013

Members Present: Virginia Trujillo, President, Community Member

Chris Velasquez, Secretary, Parent

Jim Freese, Community Member

Lori Hagen, Community Member



Members Absent: Todd Caplan, Vice President, Parent



Guests: Mary Tarango, Principal

Judy Bergs, APS finance

Tony McLaughlin, Parent

Tami Coleman, APS Finance


Regular Guests absent: Mark Tolley, APS

Don Moya, APS


Meeting called to Order at 6:05pm

Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes

Review September 24, 2013 meeting minutes:

Motion to approve minutes – Jim Freese

2nd – Lori Hagen

Passes unanimously

Jim felt good making a motion after not being able to for over two (2) years as President

Open Forum:

Lori asked if the school discussed the potential to reach out to homeless students, and if so, how did it go.  Several avenues are being explored to advertise to the surrounding neighborhood (will be discussed in Principal’s report) and ways to approach the homeless population in the area are also being formulated.  Suggested to reach out to PTA to help make community connections in this regard.  Chris offered to bring this up with the PTA president.



Principal’s Report:

Fundraising focus is to promote the school. The foundation is purchasing a half page ad in ABQ the Magazine (focus on education issue) to promote school.  This will include an article in the magazine.

Various churches in the area were visited to promote the school

Total enrollment is 257.  Adding 2 tomorrow (23 October), and did a tour for a 7th grader today who is scheduled to enroll as well.  Total will be 260.

Feb 3, 2014 will be the date of the first pull in our lottery.

A Golf Tournament fund raiser is scheduled for April 23, 2014.

Applebee’s is being approached for a potential pancake breakfast fund raiser.  It will be combined with a “Black Saturday” gift wrap event at the school for folks to wrap their Black Friday Christmas gifts.  A Read-a-Thon is an alternative to the Black Friday event.  This is a School-wide function.

Tony McLaughlin presented a cyber-security PowerPoint to the council as a preview to a potential presentation to the students and parents at a future date.  His daughter attends 21st Century.  Mr McLaughlin works for Molina Healthcare on security of HEPA info.  Worked at the labs in information security.  Presentation is on “(ISC)² Safe and Secure Online” program, a non-profit foundation for certification of IS professionals.  Program is focused on teaching kids to be secure online.  Goal is to not discourage kids from using internet, but how to be safe while online.  3 key concepts; cyber security (keep kids safe), cyber safety (online behaviors to protect physical well-being), and cyber ethics (treat each other online as they would like to be treated themselves).   Goal is to present to students and teachers at a future date, to follow with a presentation to parents.

School Finances

Statement of Expenditures presented.  Report is as of today.  Audit is nearing completion.  Discussed with APS board.   Budget is at -$57,492.68.  Cash deficit is $270k.  Waiting for unit values to come in January.  Potentially could help the finances.  The 90 day count of 256 was not accounted for in the budget, which was budgeted for 263.  The OME, state sent out for maintenance of effort shortfall, was accounted for in presentation.  Several upcoming BARs will adjust final cash balances.

Side discussion on how maintenance and repairs on school get paid.  Roof repairs were billed directly to owner.  We are responsible for general maintenance, but building issues are billed to owner.  Chris advised that he discussed with Mr. Richardson and he stated the same.

Cash disbursements presented.

Motion to approve cash disbursements – Jim Freese.

2nd – Lori Hagen

Passed unanimously.

Food Service costs discussed.  Lunches have been purchased by activity fund.  Competing food, if sold, needs to be accounted for in the school food service fund.  Sales of competing food must accrue to the benefit of the nonprofit school food service.  This has not been brought up in the past audits, or USDA food inspections.  Since APS is taking care of finances, and no records are available to identify how this was tracked, Tami advised if pizza to be sold during lunch, it needs to be deposited in food service fund.  Discussion ensued over this issue since other schools do this on a regular basis.  Need clarification on how other schools are doing this, and an explanation on how activities funds are raised.

Activity fund was not on APTA system.  Cash for OSIs are not being tracked to ensure they are deposited within 24 hours of receiving it.  Cash received need to be deposited and then paid out of the funds and tracked.  Mary and all teachers are aware of this, will be re-emphasized to the staff.

Lab fees discussed.  If fees collected for science will be used for supplies, they need to be deposited and tracked as well.

New Business

No new business

Old Business

Bullying Policy – agreed to defer discussion until next month once Todd is able to gather comments from other board members.

Next Meeting

November meeting set for 12 November, 6pm.

Motion to adjourn:  Jim Freese

2nd – Lori Hagen

Passes unanimously.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:07pm