11/3/15 Governance Council Minutes (DRAFT)

Members Present: Virginia Trujillo, President

Chris Velasquez, Vice President

John Everette, Secretary

Lori Hagen, Member

Maxine Mora. Member

Art Silva, Member


Members Absent: Camille Cordova, Member

Guests: Mary Tarango, Principal

Rita Hirschy, COO

Kathy Potter

Jim Richardson


Governance Council Called to Order at 5:30 p.m.

Finance at 4:30 p.m.

Roll Call

  • Quorum met.


Approval of Previous Governance Council (GC) Meeting Minutes

  • Mary Tarango corrected Camille Cordova from Parent to Member

  • Motion to approve corrected minutes – John Everette

    • 2nd – Lori Hagen

    • Motion approved


Open Forum

  • Nothing to report.


School Finances

  • Finance met prior to Board meeting.  Chris Velasquez reviewed cash

disbursements of $193,654.  The increase was used for setting up portables.

           Motion to approve – Chris Velasquez

  • 2nd – Art Silva

  • Motion approved

  • Balance in activity account – $21,307

  • Balance in primary account – $706,301

  • 2 BARS submitted for approval

  • Maintenance BAR #001-027-1516-11I – Loss on property tent – $1,780

  • Maintenance BAR #001-027-1516-12I – Donation for chrome books for 7th graders – $1,000

  • Motion to approve BARS – Chris Velasquez

  • 2nd – Maxine Mora

  • Motion approved


Action Items

  • Mary drafted a parent letter for approval by GC to be used when parents of students want to opt-out of PARCC testing.  Virginia asked if this was a required letter.  Mary stated that PED does not have an opt-out option.  This letter would only by used when parents have a one-on-one meeting with Mary concerning the PARCC test.

    • Motion to approve letter – Lori Hagen

    • 2nd. – Chris Velasquez

    • Motion approved

      • School Building Strategy – Jim Richardson stated that the 5-year lease on current school is up in 20 months.  Some options are to keep leasing current building, build new school, lease new building, etc.  It was suggested that a 6-7 member committee be formed to start researching options and needs.


Principal’s Report

  • Enrollment is at 258.  Mary stated that they are not looking to add students.

  • Mary stated that the PTA Fall Festival was successful.

  • Foundation fundraiser with Barnes & Noble will be held December 11-13, 2015.

Cheesecakes will be sold for $35.

  • APS School of Choice Fair had same results as last year.  School is getting calls for new students but Mary stated that they are not accepting new students at this time.

  • PARCC school scores came out on October 30, 2015.  Mary compared school scores to APS scores with excellent results.  Virginia asked Mary to thank staff for their hard work.

  • Mary stated that there is a secured date of April 21, 2016 for Foundation Golf Tournament.


Old Business

  • No old business


New Business

  • Virginia asked that Mike Vigil be put on December’s agenda.  She also asked     that he be on the School Building Committee.


Next Meeting

  • December 1 at 5:30 p.m.  Finance meeting at 4:30 p.m.


Motion to adjourn – Lori Hagen

  • 2nd. – Art Silva

  • Motion approved

Meeting adjourned at 6:53 p.m.