8/31/18 GC Minutes

Members Present: Virginia Trujillo, President
Phillip Sapien, Member
Art Silva, Member
Kathy Webb, Member
Guests: Mary Tarango, Principal
Tina Fritts, COO
Evalyn Dow
Valerie Trujillo

Governance Council Called to Order by Virginia Trujillo @ 7:00 p.m.
Roll Call
 Quorum met.
Approval for the Cutler Foundation to pursue refinancing of Phase II
Virginia presented information discussed at a previous meeting with school
administration, President of the Cutler Foundation and MELD, LLC. MELD LLC
presented 3 financial options to refinance, as previously agreed to when construction is
complete. Discussion included financial obligation to the school. Further clarification
was presented by school administration.
 Motion to approve – Phillip Sapien
2 nd . – Art Silva
Motion Approved
Motion to adjourn – Phillip Sapiein
 2 nd . – Kathy Webb
Motion Approved
Meeting adjourned at 7:15 p.m.