5/21/20 PTA Minutes

Meeting was called to order by Juliann Salinas at 703pm, on Thursday May 21st, 2020
Minutes from 2.28.20 meeting approved by Paige Chavez 2 nd /Janet, All in favor
Attendance: Bianca Belmonte-Sapien, Juliann Salinas, Paige Chavez, Alfreda Begaye, Angie Lerner, Janet
Principals Report from Ms. Belmonte-Sapien

  1. Thank everyone to support students and staff. Everyone is very appreciative!
  2. Tuesday 5 th grade item pick up was great.
  3. Hiring positions on website 10 openings -1 more will be added (2-4 th , 6 th -social, 7 th math, 8 th –
    math, 1-special ed,2-ea positions , Point 2 PE Positions, Part time 9-1pm Office assistant.)
  4. Formed a FA advisory council-Mr Johnson : necessary step to receive funding under LEA title
  5. Performance review-poste on the website. Indicators that were not able to be measured.
    Successful negotiation of contract.
  6. Continuous learning plan- Posted online Teachers have done amazing converting to virtual world
  7. Grades submitted by Friday 5.22.20
  8. Idea for Summer:
    a. 1- Full regular schedule start
    b. Blended- Start might have to stop
    c. Fully virtual
    d. 18 th of June we will have more info.
    e. 24 th of August with teachers/ 31 st start for students
  9. Registration- PTA involvement- Flyers can be put in office/emails sent out

Treasurers Report: Given by Angie Lerner: Actuals Budget Report included
Office Supplies +$1.00
Equipment +$30.00
Member dues +$30.00
New School Needs +$575.00
Move $636.00 from Beginning and End of Year Needs
Student Store Expenses +2,500.00
Move money from OSI Assistance

Add Line Items:
School Supplies-
Income of $1400.00
Expenses of $1200.00 move money from trash bags
Balloon Aloft-
Income of $700.00
Expenses of $320.00 move money from trash bags
Gym Concessions-
Income of $4000.00
Expenses of $400.00 move money from trash bags
Student Council-
Expense of $75.00- move money from Trash bags
Carryover- add $7,150.00

Approved $5,250.43 to give to the school for improvements. This will come from the carryover line
Balance carryover $13K
Balance in account.
Outstanding 2checks
Budget provided: Janet will email to me
Motioned to approve Janet/ Second Paige = All in favor

Vote for School improvements:

  1. i. Vote for software for school: $2,270.45-maintence orders for reporting, procurement, etc
  2. ii. Vote for sign cost allocation: $1,815.07-Brail for ADA Guidelines
  3. iii. Vote for Internet (Wired): $825.50
  4. iv. Vote for Outlets and Light Fixtures: $2609.86-Moving Closets to offices for staff members
  5. v. Total: $7,520.88 in asks for School Improvements-Gym Concession ~$3K would be
    allocated for school improvements
    Foundation able to match us? Golf tournament moved to August
    Approved Janet/Second Angie-$5250.43
    Voted to take out of carry over
    Reconciled up to today’s date 5.21.20

Officer Positions
Vote for New Slate of Officers for School Year 2020-2021
i. Janet Giron-President-
ii. Alfredo Begay- VP
iii. Angie Lerner- Treasurer
Paige approved/ Seconded Juliann
iv. Social Committee Chair
v. Snack bar Chair

August 20-21 st – PTA Online Conference- Member Hub- Online software
July 1 st – Memberships start enrollment
Uniform drop off- Next week 9-3pm until June 12 th .
Annual Audit Volunteers: Happens in July
School Supplies:
Teacher In-Service Lunch: The Grind-

Meeting closed at 821PM
Next Meeting June 18 th 2020 @7pm