6/18/20 PTA Minutes

Meeting was called to order by Janet Jiron at 708pm, on Thursday June 18th, 2020
Minutes from 6.18.20 meeting approved by Julianna 2 nd /Alfreda, All in favor
Attendance: Bianca Belmonte-Sapien, Juliann Salinas, Paige Chavez, Nadine Buerger, Jennifer Elliott,
Angie Lerner, Janet Giron, Alfreda- Via ZOOM Meeting
Principals Report from Ms. Belmonte-Sapien

  1. Thank everyone on PTA board for stepping up during this time. What needs does PTA need let
    her know so they can be put on the website
  2. FA Funds Request has been submitted.4 th -6 th grade funded
  3. PEC Charter Renewal, Grade Change Amendment, and CAP approved anonymously. Future
    enrollment cap? Grade level amendments possible to do at one time, Spring 2021
  4. Registration Numbers 2020-2021 Total 356- Target is 380
  5. Blended 4 th and 5 th grade class
  6. June Lottery Draw for All grades except 7 th
  7. Interviews offer letters, filled positions update
    Questions: Preparing for all 3 options
  8. Idea for Summer:
    a. 1- Full regular schedule start
    b. Blended- Start might have to stop
    c. Fully virtual
    d. 18 th of June we will have more info.
    e. 24 th of August with teachers/ 31 st start for students

Presidents Report
Convention- PTA $100 each or Buy 4 get 1 FREE
Need a secretary chair filled
Fundraising chair-Ice cream social-
School Supplies bundles-$30 cost- Profit $5
Need someone to take over Snack Bar

Treasurer’s Report:
$14600.88- Checks $1000 Volcano Vista Booster- flooring
Balance in account. $14600.88-
Checks $1000 Volcano Vista Booster- flooring PAID
Budget will need to be approved in August
Motioned to approve Janet/ Second Paige = All in favor


  1. School improvements:
    Approved Payments totaled $5250.43
    Reconciled up to today’s date 6.18.20 $ 8096.15
    2 .Alfreda Begaye- to be another signer on checks- Janet/ Juliann, All in Favor

Officer Positions
Vote for New Slate of Officers for School Year 2020-2021
i. Janet Giron-President-
ii. Alfredo Begay- VP
iii. Angie Lerner- Treasurer
iv. Social Committee Chair- Angie Volunteered to Help
v. Snack bar Chair

Meeting closed at 742PM
Next Meeting August 6 th , 2020 @7pm