Remote Learning Update

Good Morning Dragon Families!  We hope you are safe and healthy!
The Governance Council voted to extend the remote learning through December except for the small groups in a 1:5 teacher/student ratio that require extra support.
Their decision was based on the following:

  1. Rising COVID Cases.
  2. PED has not allowed middle schools or high schools to enter the hybrid model yet.
  3. The guidance from PED has not been given to middle and high schools for reentry yet.
  4. Bernalillo County moved from a “green” county to an “orange” county and we can not consider reentry until “green”.

We understand the hardship this continues to create for our families but at this point we wanted to give parents time to plan through the end of the school year.  
If the 4 items above are addressed the Governance Council will reconvene and consider bringing students back.
Please be safe and continue to follow guidance to get past COVID.