P-EBT food benefits for 246,000 New Mexico children to be extended for school year 2020-2021

Please see the latest from PED

Please note that many of the P-EBT benefits were issued to families that have a current P-EBT card on February 28th in the eldest qualified child’s name.

If any of the data on the latest P-EBT issuance was different such as address, parent, and student names differed, they will get a new card mailed by March 18th. Please let parents know to please not call the P-EBT hotline until that date if they have not received the P-EBT benefit by then.

The Yes NM website https://www.yes.state.nm.us/yesnm/pandemic/pebt?execution=e1s1 is now uploaded with the latest benefit information for the latest P-EBT issuance and parents can go in and search by student ID and if it is not available they can search by the students first and last name, DOB, grade. If the data is not correct such as an address change that needs to be done or they want to see if they qualified for P-EBT, this is the quickest and best avenue rather than calling the P-EBT hotline.

Keep in mind that only students that qualified for free and reduced lunch for October and November should be issued the benefit. The students will get the P-EBT dependent on when they were qualified for free and reduced when the school qualified the student.

Parents are advised to go to the school/district and fill out a free and reduced application to qualify for P-EBT if they are not getting the benefit and to see if they qualify.

Benefits are not retroactive and only apply to the application approval date and for virtual/remote days only.
NOTE: 120 day data will be extracted from STARS on March 12 for the December and January issuance and the amounts will all be the same per student per the Governors orders on school operating only remote/virtual.