8/19/21 GC Minutes

Members Present: Art Silva, Vice-President
Victoria Tafoya, Interim Secretary
Evelyn Dow, Member
Gary Boyd, Member
Lora Sedore, Member

Member Absent: Virginia Trujillo, President

Guests: Mary Tarango, CEO

Bianca Belmonte-Sapien, Principal
Amber Peña, The Vigil Group
Jeremy Peckens, CPO

Governance Meeting Called to Order by Virginia Trujillo, President Art Silva, Vice President at
5:36 PM
Roll Call

 Quorum met via Roll Call

Approval of Agenda

Motion to Approve Amended Agenda —Gary Boyd
2 nd — Victoria Tafoya
Motion Approved via Roll Call Vote
Approval of Governance Council Minutes

Motion to Approve Amended Minutes, June 24, 2021 meeting—Lora Sedore
2 nd —Evelyn Dow
Motion Approved Via Roll Call Vote

Open Forum
The new budget analyst, Amber Peña, senior member of the Vigil group. Amber shared the
financial reports as of June 30 th , 2021. A column was added for outstanding RFRs. More revenue
was received at the end of the year than what was budgeted. Amber notified the members that the
Finance Committee met prior to the Governance Council meeting and reviewed all financial
 Budget Report
Amber Peña presented Account Summary Reports for June 2021: the Expenditure and
Revenue Reports, Issued Purchase Order Report, Bank Register Report and Outstanding
Checks Report, Bank Reconciliation Reports.

 Cash Disbursements and DISCUSSION AND POSSIBLE ACTION OF Bank Reconciliation for June
2021 *
Motion to approve Cash Disbursements and Bank Reconciliation for June 2021
—Evelyn Dow
2 nd Gary Boyd
Motion Approved by Roll Call Vote
Extended learning time application has been approved. Planned is a $6000 stipend for
Teachers, and $3000 for Educational Assistants.
Motion to approve Administrators ELTP Stipend
—Victoria Tafoya
2 nd Gary Boyd
Motion Approved by Roll Call Vote
Elections may take place at the August 16th. Recommendations of names should be sent to
Victoria Tafoya, Interim Secretary, by August 13th.

Jeremy Peckens

  1. Procurement & IT
    a. Chromebook Replenishment
    i. 125 13” Chromebooks distributed to Elementary classrooms 1st-5th grades.
    ii. 102 15” Chromebooks distributed to Middle School classrooms 6th-8th grades.
    iii. Expired and broken chromebooks have been removed from rotation, kept in tech
    storage for emergency usage.
  2. Grants
    a. Emergency Connectivity Fund
    i. Fund made available this year only to provide support to help meet “otherwise
    unmet connectivity needs” of students.
    ii. We will be applying to replenish our chromebook supply that is a need due to our
    growth, expired stock, and damaged devices from the last year of remote learning.

b. NM Computer Science RFA
i. Fund designed to address a deficit in NM CS education.
ii. Professional development opportunities for new CS teacher and staff to support CS
education across all curricular areas.

  1. Testing

a. Istation’s Indicators of Progress (ISSP) will be used in place of NWEA MAPs for short-
cycle assessment three times per year for 1st and 2nd graders. 3rd-8th graders will
continue to take the NWEA MAP Growth assessment.
b. 1st graders will take the Dyslexia Screener within the first 40 days of school.
c. The state assessment in Math, ELA, and Science (NM-MSSA & NM-ASR) will take place
in April for 3rd-8th graders.

  1. Staffing
    a. Possible 7th grade Math position opening.
    b. Retirement of Mr. Feit, 3rd/4th Math/Science Position (open)
  2. ARP ESSER III Application started with first 4 requirements submitted (GEPA/Assurances/Safe
    Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services Plan on Website/Link Posted) Full
    Application Due by August 24th
  3. Registration Numbers SY 21-22 (As of 6/15/21)

1st Grade- 5
2nd Grade- 9
3rd Grade- 12
4th Grade- 16
5th Grade – 34
6th Grade – 84
7th Grade – 83
8th Grade – 106
Total 349 390 Target Enrollment

Governing Council members shared ideas for student recruitment. It was noted that there is
currently no budget set aside for marketing. All marketing has been done by members of the staff
or parent groups.

  1. Equity Council – Two openings on Equity Council- One parent has been selected to represent the
    economically disadvantaged student population. Seeking a representative for the Native American
    student group.
    Next Meeting: August 19 th , 2021
    Motion to Adjourn
    Motion to Adjourn—Evelyn Dow
    2 nd Gary Boyd
    Motion Approved by Roll Call Vote
    Meeting Adjourned at 6:35 PM

Amended Minutes approved on 8/19/2021