Final Band Performance

Hello, dragon families! Our year is winding to a close and we have a few more events coming up before we head into Summer. Next Friday, the 20th, will be our final band performance for all grade levels. It will take place at the school from 6:30-8:30pm. We will have the parking lot blocked off so families may bring picnic chairs and food to enjoy an evening of great music created by our very own dragons. The musicians will be performing in the gymnasium, and we will be projecting the audio out on loudspeakers into the parking lot, as well as live streaming the event to our school’s Facebook page at

Grade level families will be invited inside the gym during each grade level’s performance. For example: as the 6th grade band performs, 6th grade families will be invited to watch them perform live from the bleachers inside the gym. As the 6th grade switches position with the 7th grade band, 6th grade families will be asked to return to the parking lot with their student before 7th grade families are invited inside, and the same will happen for the 8th grade band.

Performers are not required to wear school uniforms, but otherwise will still need to fit within our typical dress code (ie. no overly revealing attire, spaghetti straps, shorts/skirts shorter than finger-length, nor obscene language/imagery).

Thank you so much for joining us as we celebrate the accomplishments of our young musicians. Go Dragons!