12/15/22 GC Minutes

Members Present: Art Silva, President

Gary Boyd, Vice President

Lora Sedore, Member

Vicente Vargas, Interim Secretary

Guests: Mary Tarango, Superintendent

Angela Lerner, COO

Jeremy Peckens, Principal

Amber Pena, Vigil Group

Jim Richardson, Guest

Anne Desiderio, Guest

Jennifer Elliott- Guest

Governance Council called to order by Art Silva, President at 5:33 pm

Roll Call:

  • Quorum met

Approval of Agenda – 

  • Motion to Approve –Gary Boyd

2nd – Lora Sedore

Motion Unanimously Approved

Approval of Previous Governance Council Meeting Minutes of November 17, 2022

  • Motion to Approve – Lora Sedore

2nd – Gary Boyd

Motion Unanimously Approved

Open Forum – Introduction of Anne Desiderio. Anne Desiderio expressed interest in joining the Governance Council. She will send out her resume to the board to review.

Budget Reports – Amber Pena reported on all budget items, including Cash Disbursements, Bank Reconciliation, and the BARS:

  • Motion to Approve Cash Disbursements for November – Lora Sedore

2nd – Gary Boyd

Motion Unanimously Approved

  • Motion to Approve Bank Reconciliation for November– Gary Boyd

2nd – Lora Sedore

Motion Unanimously Approved

  • Motion to Approve BARS – Lora Sedore

   580-000-2223-0012 – IB

   580-000-2223-0013 – IB

2nd – Gary Boyd

Motion Unanimously Approved

Discussion of Resolution for Employment- 12-15-22-1

Motion to Approve – Gary Boyd

2nd Motion – Lora Sedore

Motion Unanimously Approved

Discussion of Facility Master Plan 2023-2028 – 

  • Motion to Approve -Vicente Vargas

2nd – Gary Boyd

Motion Unanimously Approved

Discussion of Survey from Parents and Survey from Staff regarding Calendar 2023-2024 – Mr. Peckens presented both parents and staff survey results. 71 parents filled out the survey. Main concern of parents was child care at the end of summer, in August. Majority of parents like our calendar. 25 staff members of 43 filled out the survey. Majority of staff like our calendar and longer days. Staff would support a third party coming in to service child care during summer. Staff like our calendar and like that we are different from APS. Ms. Tarango spoke about the surveys. The results show that we should look for either the school to have a child care service or have a 3rd party service starting August 1 of the school year. Lora Sedore said that in their next school advisory meeting they are going to talk about the survey results as well. 

Discussion of Calendar for SY 2023-2024 – There were no questions or discussion about the calendar.

Presentation & Discussion of Principal’s Report – Mr. Peckens gave his Principal report. The school got more furniture from donations, and this furniture will go into the portables. He reported on each grade’s OSI progress and RACED Rubric. The school just finished winter testing and students are doing makeup testing. Spirit Week is currently going on at the school. 

Presentation & Discussion of COO Report – Angie Lerner gave an update on all funding. She also gave  an update on PTA. 

Presentation & Discussion of Superintendent’s Report – Ms. Tarango went over her Superintendent report. 

Next Meeting

  • January 19, 2023, at 5:30 pm

Motion to Adjourn

  • Motion to adjourn –Gary Boyd

2nd – Lora Sedore

Motion Unanimously Approved

Meeting adjourned at 6:32pm