9/1/15 Governance Council Agenda

Call Meeting to Order


Roll Call


Approval of Minutes

Open Forum-

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8/19/15 Governance Council Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Virginia Trujillo, President

Chris Velasquez, Secretary

Lori Hagen, Member

Maxine Mora, Member

Jim Freese, Member

John Everette, Parent


Members Absent: Charles Lakins, Vice President


Guests: Mary Tarango, Principal

Rita Hirschy, COO

Marian Davis, Parent

‘Mack’ Davis, Parent

Art Silva, Community Member

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Jump Start Days 2015

On behalf of the entire 21st Century Community, we would like to welcome you back to school. We continue to maintain our status as one of the highest performing middle schools in Albuquerque and are excited about this new school year with your students.

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