21stCPA Flipgrid for Video Sharing

Hello families! In an effort to provide students and staff with a means to communicate and socialize with one another in a safe and controlled environment via video during the shutdown, we have set up a school Flipgrid account. Flipgrid is a platform for recording short video messages to post and share with others within our school community. You can access Flipgrid on a computer at their website (flipgrid.com/21stcpa) or on a phone by downloading the app on your iOS or Android device (search Flipgrid). You’ll need to enter the code for our school grid when first joining, which is: 21stcpa. Also make sure to log in with Google using your school email account!

As we post new topics, you’ll be able to post video responses. You’ll also be able to respond to one another! So if a friend, schoolmate, or teacher posts something you’d like to respond to, you can click to record a video response of your own, to create an online conversation!

In addition to the schoolwide Flipgrid, you can also access grade-level specific grids at the below links:

5th Grade: https://flipgrid.com/21stcpa5
6th Grade: https://flipgrid.com/21stcpa6
7th Grade: https://flipgrid.com/21stcpa7
8th Grade: https://flipgrid.com/21stcpa8

Watch the video below for more details on how Flipgrid works!