Online Instruction

Dear 21st Century Families,

In light of recent events, the teachers at 21st Century Public Academy have been hard at work preparing for potential online instruction, so that we may continue to provide educational opportunities to students even while the school building is closed.  To that end, all teachers have created online platforms for delivering lessons, most within the Google Classroom environment.

More information about our online instruction is available on our website here:  The official launch date for these platforms is Thursday, March 19th.  If you need assistance with helping your student access their online lessons on the Google Classroom, please read below.

Your student will need to use a web browser to go to the following website:  There are also apps for Google Classroom on all major cell phone carriers.  When your student has accessed the website, ensure they are signed in to their school Google Account.  If you are unsure, find the small circular image in the top right corner, click on it, and make sure it is logged in as your student’s school account.  

If it is not, simply choose “add another account”, and direct them to log in using their school account.  Their login information is the same as if they were using a chromebook at school.

Once they are logged in, they will see a list of all of their current classrooms.  If they need to join a new one, direct them to click the small plus-sign in the upper right corner, and select “Join Class”.  They will be asked for a class code. These codes are listed on the 21stCPA online hub, here:  Once students have joined a class, they will not need to rejoin it again.

All teachers will be providing constant instruction via these online platforms for the duration of the closure.  From now through April 6th, these online lessons and activities are voluntary. Should the closure extend beyond that time, assignments will be required and grades will be posted in every course each week as usual.  Grades will continue to be available to view on the PlusPortals gradebook, as they were before. Feel free to email individual teachers if you have any questions about individual classes.  

Be safe and healthy as we continue to learn during the closure!