6/2/20 GC Minutes

Members Present: Virginia Trujillo, President
Art Silva, Vice President
Evelyn Dow, Member
Gary Boyd, Member
Victoria Tafoya, Member
Present Via Zoom

Member Absent: Kathy Webb, Secretary (Proxy given to Evelyn Dow)

Daniel Kegler, Member

Guests: Mary Tarango, Chief Executive Officer
Bianca Belmonte-Sapien, Principal
Zach Kirchgessner, Vigil Group

Governance Council Meeting Called to Order at 5:40 by Virginia Trujillo, President
Roll Call

 Quorum met
Approval of Agenda

Motion to Approve Agenda, Art Silva
2 nd Victoria Tafoya
Motion Approved by Roll Call Vote

Open Forum

Ms. Trujillo shared that CNM is working with Albuquerque Public School to
Certify teachers.
Items I, II and III – Discussion Items
I – Accountability Plan
Ms. Belmonte-Sapien reviewed and highlighted our Mission Specific Goals
II. – Waiver Notification Form
Ms. Belmonte-Sapien reviewed
III. – Evidence of Coverage
Ms. Belmonte-Sapien presented letter.

Action Item
IV –
Motion to Approve Contract – Evelyn Dow
2 nd Victoria Tafoya
Motion Approved by Roll Call Vote

Item V – Certification of Vote
Ms. Belmonte-Sapien reviewed. All members to sign and send to Ms. Belmonte-Sapien

to be uploaded into Web EPSS.

 June 22, 2020-5:30 pm


 Motion to Approve, Gary Boyd
2 nd – Evelyn Dow
Motion Approved by Roll Call Vote

Meeting Adjourned at 6:20