Plan for Reopening

Good Afternoon Amazing Dragon Families! We hope you are all healthy and staying safe!

I wanted to share our plan for reopening as of this time per the direction of the PED.

  1. The recommended attendance is 50% of the students in two groups (A/B). We will assign those groups taking families, bus riders and required services into consideration. Group A will attend Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday the school will be closed to everyone and Group B will attend Thursday and Friday. This will allow for 6 foot social distancing. This is not a 2 day school week, it is 2 days of physical attendance and 3 days of virtual participation.
  2. Masks are required of all students and will be part of the uniform. They are required of all staff as well.
  3. Chromebooks will be checked out to all students at the beginning of the year to assure they can access the online platforms.
  4. All staff will be screened daily for symptoms of COVID.
  5. If parents are not comfortable sending their students to school, we will make accommodations.
  6. Real time instruction will be required, meaning your student(s) will need to access all of their classes daily. That is how attendance will be taken.
  7. Busses will run with only 2 students per seat allowed. We will be able to administer the NWEA MAPS tests at the beginning of the year. We will do this with the groups in attendance during the first week of school as usual. This is very important to us as we design our instruction around student performance on these tests. This year there is a greater focus on acceleration not just basic skills. OSIs will be performed on a Virtual basis to continue our cross curricular platform. Hand sanitizer will be administered to students as they enter each classroom and as they leave. Lunch will be served daily for those physically in attendance and we will make accommodations to distribute 5 days of lunches similar to the grab and go situation in April and May.

The AM/PM program will be available to families with students in attendance based on their A or B grouping days.

The school will be cleaned daily as usual, however on Wednesdays there will be a more thorough cleaning in preparation for the next group.

We are prepared to serve your children in the most effective educational manner possible under these circumstances. We were able to reach every family during the closing in the Spring and we will be making extra efforts to do the same in the Fall.

We will follow the guidelines set forth by the Public Education Department and should these circumstances change we will adjust and notify you as soon as we can.

Please check the website for summer reading, supplies for the fall and any up to date information. The front office will open from 8 am to 4 pm starting Monday, August 3rd. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.

Enjoy your 4th of July weekend and as always, please stay safe and healthy!

Mary Tarango, CEO

21st Century Public Academy