2/18/22 Emergency GC Minutes

Members Present: Art Silva, President
Gary Boyd, Vice-President
Vicente Vargas, Secretary
Lora Sedore, Member
Sistine Jaramillo, Member
Gary Boyd, Member

Member Absent: None
Guests: Mary Tarango, CEO
Angela Lerner, COO
Jeremy Peckens, Principal

Governance Meeting Called to Order by Art Silva, President at 12:12 PM
Roll Call

 Quorum met via Roll Call

Approval of Agenda

 Motion to Approve Agenda—Lora Sedore
2 nd Gary Boyd
Motion Approved via Roll Call Vote

Open Forum
 None

Discussion and Possible Action on Masking Mandate

Motion to make mask wearing option at 21 st Century Public Academy – Gary Boyd
2 nd – Vicente Vargas
Motion Approved by Roll Call Vote 4 to 1 with one abstention.

Next Meeting: March 17th, 2022 at 5:30 PM
Motion to Adjourn
Motion to Adjourn—Gary Boyd
2 nd Sistine Jaramillo
Motion Approved by Roll Call Vote
Meeting Adjourned at 12:20 pm